Magna-Tiles… building creativity and imagination


Let us introduce you to a toy that has been such a big hit with Harriet that we just had to share it with you…. Magna-Tiles. They are magnetic building toys for minis (and adults too if we’re honest!) and you can easily lose hours of the day creating and building structures out of them.

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“Where Maths, Science and Creativity meet”


Invented in 1992 to teach children about shapes through play, each tile has magnets along it’s edges. Magna-Tiles are an ideal toy to help develop a child’s creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. Harriet first started off by creating flat patterns out of them, and very quickly thereafter began stacking them and then evolved to creating imaginative 3-D structures and shapes.

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Different size and colour sets are available, from 34-piece sets upwards to 100-piece sets. Harriet owns two sets as she has loved them so much – she has a clear coloured set (which catches the light beautifully when the sunlight shines through them) and also a solid coloured set. She builds rockets and spaceships, castles and dens, boats big enough for her to get into and houses for all her Sylvanian family figures. They are the first toy any visiting children are drawn to and so much fun to get the whole family involved in – the possibilities are endless.




Hours of quiet fun for children – and for you! Katie cannot recommend Magna-Tiles enough. The versions Harriet has are available here and here.

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