travel toys and games

We always love finding and hearing about new toys and games which can be thrown into a handbag and have the ability to keep little ones amused (even for a whole 10 minutes) when out and about so we can pretend that we don’t always need to resort to the iPhone / iPad for entertainment. Our parents had to cope, so surely we can???…actually, forget that; but it is lovely to discover something which does not require a battery life to hold our minis attention. Here is our pick of some great travel toys and games which might capture some kids’ imaginations.

travel toys and games

1. Memory Game by Design Letters £21.00 – any memory game can usually be easily popped into a handbag but we loved the simple design of this one…plus it helps with letter recognition.

2. Car mini playmat by Mumma Love You £8.00 – for any little boy, this and a few of their favourite cars would be a welcome distraction.

3. Craft kits by Cotton Twist From £2.25 – we wrote about Cotton Twist in an earlier post and the kits are perfect for little hands.

4. Tegu travel set £18.00 – we know, we know…we do go on about Tegu but they are beautifully made although eight blocks may not seem like much, this little travel set has kept our kids entertained many times.

5. Step by Step by Djeco £9.25 – this drawing set comes with it’s own wipeable board and pen for your little one to create their next masterpiece!

6. House Wallet cards £6.95 at Small Print Books – it’s no secret, we love these wallet cards and this set has pictures of items which children can hunt for in the pictures of different rooms in the house.

7. Plus Plus £4.99 at Toyella – small, neon and allow for imaginative play…adults may want in on the play as well!

8. Colour Pebbles £16.00 at Moon Picnic – these adorable little dolls come with a variety of little outfits. A sleek version of a paper dress up doll!

9. Tangram by Djeco £5.45 – Harry and Teddy have an old wooden set of tangrams and they enjoy making patterns and shapes with them.

10. Travel pocket games and colouring in by OMY £6.95 – the roll contains things to colour and puzzles to solve. It also comes with a multi-colour crayon so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a plethora of crayons.

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