Georgie’s birthday wishlist

Womens gift wishlist

To be honest, the chances of Georgie getting any of these items are remote…she and her family are just about to embark on a project which will literally involve ripping out half of the house…cue money disappearing at the speed of light. However, virtual window shopping is practically a hobby of hers so here is her birthday wishlist…if anyone needs a hint…anyone??

Womens gift wishlist

1. The Dala horse bangle by Rachel Balfour Jewellery – in fact, a stack of these would be AMAZING but the symbolism of “be strong” behind the Dala horse is perfect…especially when you’re a mum of two boys! More to come on this new jewellery label soon!

2. Shorts and tee from STALF – these would be a Summer staple…once the sun makes an appearance.

3. Colour Pop slouchy jumper by Wyse London – you can never have too many…as Georgie can testify.

4. Cushions by Izzy Rainey – these would be perfect for the new kitchen. There is going to be quite a bit of white, grey and wood so these would add some beautiful colour.

5. Silver brogues by Air & Grace – due out in July (perfect timing for Georgie’s birthday) these beauties are a smarter option to trainers and add the sparkle to everyday life everyone should have.

6. Eyeshadow palette by Hourglass – we love the face finishing powers and these colours look ideal for daytime as well as evening.

7. Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe – anything is worth a go to help get the mystical “glow”. Plus the recipes looks rather yummy.

8. Bucket bag by Mansur Gabriel – on Georgie’s wishlist for years now!

9. Beat mugs by Playtime – for the new kitchen. Georgie would like to think she was a bit House and Techno, but nowadays it’s more Pop and Disco.

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