Back to School

It’s not long now before the Summer Holidays come to an end and many little ones embark on a new school year. Some may feel excited, some may feel nervous but as soon as they get back together with their fiends (and the familiar routine), they will soon settle down. Here is a pick of some fun Back to School pieces which may get the kids even more eager to get back to their desks.

Back to School

1. Backpack by Mini Rodini – make your kid’s backpack easy to locate and spot with a bright colour like this yellow offering from Mini Rodini.

2. Water bottle by Tulipop – we forget how important it is for kids to stay rehydrated and how it is linked to their ability to concentrate.  Our little ones have loved their Tulipop bottles with their bright designs.

3. Pencil case by Paperchase – the circus design at paper chase can appeal to both boys and girls.

4. Colouring pencils by Design Letters – never mind the kids, Design Letter stationery is tempting for us grown-ups too!

5. Phonics Flash cards by Alain Gre – the retro designs will have kids and parents loving learning their sounds.

6. Stickers by Kikki K – the kids can get creative and personalise their workbooks (if allowed!).

7. School shoes by Go Plae – these shoes are easy for little people to take on and off and when not in school mode they can be customised with fun tabs.

8. Cutlery by Nana’s Manners – when we met the Founder and Designer of Nana’s Manners Kathryn, we were amazed at how our kids picked up the cutlery and immediately found it comfortable to hold properly and found it much easier to eat. You can pre-order now and they should be arriving in September.

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