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Woo hoo! The Summer Holidays are here and many of us can look forward to a week or two away from the everyday routine of home life. If, like Georgie you are hearding off on a plane with your little darlings you may want to sneak a peak as to what she’ll be taking in her hand luggage. She is no means an expert traveller but knows her boys…oh-so-typical boys who 1. Hate sitting down 2. Hate being restricted by silly safety features such as seat belts and 3. Need constant amusement. Therefore she needs a serious bag which can take on the mammoth task of assisting her in attempting to make travelling with her boys as painless as possible. Enter Kerikit luxury changing bags.

Kerikit changing bags

Kerikit changing bag

Kerikit changing bags are luxury bags for parents who are looking for function and practicality without compromising on style and quality. The owner and designer, Keri, started the label after working as a global designer and procurer of luxury accessories for fifteen years. When she started her family, she tried to accommodate all the trappings of parenthood by using her old handbags. They were either too small or were large enough but with no sense of being able to find anything. Georgie has, on numerous occasions been found emptying out a spacious bag not her drive in order just to find her house keys (and in doing so coming across long forgotten about half packets of biscuits, letters which should have been posted weeks ago and numerous “To Do” lists which have never quite been “done”).

Kerikit AW17 Thea bag

Kerikit AW17 Thea bag

Georgie has been sent the Kerikit Thea changing bag which will be available for AW17 in navy (a grey version is due out for Spring/Summer next year).  The Thea bag from Kerikit is made from butter soft leather with so many zips and pockets, it promises to make you an organised mum…well as organised as you can be with wipes, nappies, flapjacks and random toy cars. Georgie expected the bag to start off heavy with it being made from leather, but was pleasantly surprised to find it lightweight, ready to be filled to capacity. So what is Georgie planning on packing? Deep breath and be ready for major packing planning and see below!

On top of all the nappies and wipes (pretty standard stuff), the following are making their way into the Thea bag…
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1. Muslin by Marloe London – this muslin is HUGE. It’s perfect as a scarf it is gets a bit chilly on the early morning set-off or on the plane. It also makes a great blanket if any little one decides to sleep on the plane (one can but hope).

2. Sunglasses by Chanel – Georgie has prescription sunglasses so always like to know they are close by ready to catch some rays.

3. Headphones by Coloud – just like the Kindle…Georgie may be able to listen to a podcast or two on the plane.

4. iPad by Apple – we would like to think our kids can be entertained simply by giving them a deck of cards but in reality it’s great with live in an age where the iPad exists to help with any meltdowns which may occur (we’re talking about the kids here!).

5. Shorts by New Look – to change into on arrival as the temperatures soar.

6. and 7. Notebooks by Moleskin and Watercolour paints by Koh-i-Noor – Georgie dreams of a holiday where she can try painting again…maybe this could be the holiday??

8. Cross body bag by Davina Mulford – this fits perfectly into the Kerikit Thea bag when they are checking you only have one item of hand luggage but can then be worn to keep money, passport, tickets and cash cards close to hand. Georgie also uses it to carry Harry’s Jext pens in case of an allergic reaction…it means they are close to hand.

9. Flip flops by Havanas – to go with he shorts.

10. iPhone by Apple – obviously!

11. Plus Plus at Toyella – Georgie packs backpacks for the boys with toys and games in them but she carries these as a back up. Harry and Teddy love making all sorts of imaginary things out of them.

12. Wet wipe case by Jojo Maman Bebe – these cases are great. Georgie uses Huggies Pure as they don’t react to the boys’ skin and they are moist. The trouble is, in their wrapper they can sometimes leak as they are so moist but these cases stop all that and are slimline but seem to be able to fit a lot of wipes in.

13. Kindle from Amazon – you never know, Georgie may be able to do some reading without interruption…stranger things have happened.

1 copy 5

1. Lavender and Aloe Vera Cooling Cream by Neal’s Yard Remedies – Georgie loves Neal’s Yard as well as Green People. This cream was recommended to her by a couple of friends as a must have for a holiday as it can relieve rashes and bites and can be used on the boys.

2. Breath freshener by Hello – no one likes anyone with stinky breath!

3. Face wipes by Neal’s Yard Remedies – to help feel refreshed during the flight.

4. Soothing Baby Salve by Organic Babies – we’ve raved on about this balm quite a few times. It’s perfect for eczema and allergic reactions / rashes.

5. Beauty Elixir by Caudalie – a little pick-me-up spritz.

6. Beauty Boost Skin Restore by Green People – another raved about product this makes skin smoother and more even toned. We absolutely love it.

7. Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posey – Georgie’s skin can’t tolerate this in the Winter but in the Summer if helps clear up blemishes in no time. It’s a little tube of magic.

8. Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid by Chanel – a light view of colour of help look more awake and healthy. It basically does what it says on the tube.

9. Organic Lavender Oil by Neal’s Yard Remedies – Georgie always takes Lavender oil on holiday. You can add a couple of drops to a bath or basin of water for a calming wash or simply inhale if you feel as though stress is taking over.

10. Award winning skincare set by Neal’s Yard Remedies – mini pots and tubes of some of deal’s Yard best buys including the Wild Pose Balm which is a true multitasked. Georgie loves it as a nighttime moisturiser.

11. Hair ties by ByEloise at Scandi Mini – they can be worn as bracelets and are fab hair ties.

12. Clear make-up bags by Marks & Spencer – perfect for keeping bits together and it can be whipped out at airport security without having to decant everything into a clear plastic bag.

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