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Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore

Green People are launching a new product called Beauty Boost Skin Restore which has been described as having the benefits of a nourishing face mask without the hassle of having to apply it, wait and then wash it off. You can use it twice weekly or whenever required. This sounds ideal for mums on the go! From past experience we have been impressed with Green People’s products as well as their kids’ brand, Organic Babies so this has a lot to live up to.

Green People lists the ingredients benefits in the Beauty Boost Skin Restore and they promise a lot…but do they deliver? Carry on reading to find out.

Certified organic beauty cream, combining all the magic of a facial in one luxury treatment

  • Wakame, an antioxidant rich seaweed, stimulates collagen formation to firm your skin

  • Everlasting Flower is rich in flavonoids to fight skin damaging free-radicals

  • Green Marine Macro Algae delivers intense hydration to deeper skin tissues

  • Naturally uplifting aroma from organic Ylang Ylang, Mandarin & Ho Wood essential oils

  • Use as a twice weekly treatment or whenever your skin needs a boost

  • Made with 91.7% certified organic ingredients

Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore

Georgie’s skin has been playing up recently with extremely flaky skin and small spots which occurred after an allergic reaction to a beauty product. She has tried various creams and lotions to no avail so when we were offered to test the Beauty Restore, Georgie jumped at the chance.¬†When the Beauty Boost Skin restore is applied feels soft and almost velvet-like. It sinks quickly into the skin leaving it feeling smooth, hydrated but not ay all greasy. Hand on heart, this cream has been a miracle although Georgie has used it everyday for two weeks rather than twice a week to get her skin back on track. It helped rebalance Georgie’s skin and the flakiness has gone except for a small bit on the nose – why do noses, the most prominent part on a face always want to have flaky bits?? She is now using it every few days and it has fitted into her skincare regime easily. It works brilliantly after exfoliating and feels like it is doing good.

If you would like to try this little pot of wonder then Green People are offering readers 10% off with this link before it launches. The offer is available until 31st March. For the price, we feel it truly delivers.

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