what to pack for kids when travelling / flying

So if you haven’t experienced it, you know someone who has…the kid having a meltdown on the plane whilst other passengers either look on sympathetically or tut in that loud British fashion. It has happened to Georgie with Teddy and whilst if a little one is determined to cause havoc on a flight, he or she probably will not stop for man nor beast, there are at least a few things we can pack to try and distract them on the way. Here’s what is going in Harry and Teddy’s backpacks for their holiday flight.

Aurora Kids backpack

Harry and Teddy will both be using their Aurora backpacks. They have really taken to them and Georgie feels it is because it has their initials on them and are personal to them. They are not usually so willing to wear backpacks so it’s great they seem to like them as it means they can carry their own stuff – hooray! Don’t forget you can get 10% off Aurora backpacks (including personalisation but excluding postage) by entering the code “MM10” at checkout (available here).

kids travel

1. Travel drawstring playmat by Aggoding – these little pouches are great for travelling. In Harry’s we’ve packed some Lego and in Teddy’s some cars. They keep things tidy and easy to put away.

2. Creative set by Lego plus Lego Mixels and Minifigures – Harry is Lego mad (Teddy mainly likes the mini figures) those both the boys have some of these. It will hopefully keep their little minds and hands busy.

3. Assorted cars by Hot Wheels – for car mad Teddy.

4. Drawing case by Paperchase – inside Georgie also packed some Stickers by Paperchase and Sketchbooks by Paperchase – in case they feel the urge to draw…well…scribble

5. Soft Oaty bars by Goodies – both boys goggle these up and they contain no nasties and actually taste rather good and have flavour unlike some kids’ foods.

6. Phonics reading books Stages 1 and 2 by Songbirds by Julia Donaldson – Harry is getting into his ready and this set was recommended by a friend. The illustrations are fun and Harry feels so proud when he gets through a story. There is a reward chart included with stickers.

7. Lego Star Wars Magazine – any kid loves a magazine (or is it the free plastic tat?).

8. Headphones by Coloud – these have a hidden volume control to help prevent little ears being damaged. perfect if they need to be plugged into an iPad or tablet.

9. Lollipops by Chupa Chups – great for take-off and landing to help with popping ears.

10. Travel pouch by Tegu – we go on about Tegu but the sets are still loved here at minis AND MORE…


Although not technically something Georgie is packing, she has purchased some “My Buddy Tags“. They are not GPS tags but if you download the associated app to your phone it sends a very audible alert should you little one wonder off away from you – good in a busy airport. It can tell you their last known locations and it also sends an alert if they fall into water. It is soft silicone and is attached using a small flat screw “thingy” which can be tightened and undone with a coin so kids can’t take it off. Not overly expense and does provide some peace of mind. They are available here.

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