Christmas gift ideas for kids with Djeco

djeco Christmas

Djeco toys are a brand we at minis AND MORE have known about for many years. We love their designs, ideas and their ability to engage children without the use of computer screens. They make toys, games and crafts for kids of all ages and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at what Djeco would be offering this Christmas.

Djeco Christmas

Djeco Christmas

Djeco Christmas

Djeco Christmas

The range of crafts from Djeco is almost limitless. From paper folding, to card construction, to jewellery making (and more)…there is something for every child of every age. Many of these kits will make perfect stocking fillers. We particularly love the jewellery making kits where a little one paints a design onto a pre-cut shape. It is then baked which makes it shrink into a perfect piece of jewellery. The other winner is a paper plane kit which Harry and Teddy have already had to open and have races with the constructed planes.

Djeco Christmas

Here’s Georgie trying her hand at the silk scarf painting set. You get to let your inner designer loose with this kit. Once you’ve finished painting it, you wash it and the colour stays put. Perfect for teenage girls looking to be the next Coco Chanel.


A new range of activity toys from Djeco which caught Georgie’s eye for her boys this Christmas are the “Kinoptik” sets. Designs and creations can be made by your little one and then a black and clear film is placed over the top which makes the pictures move and come alive. The town construction set and the vehicle set would be real winners for any little boy. There is also a games compendium which is illustrated in the usual Deco loveliness (Harry asks about wanting to learn chess so it’s on the wish list!) and a magic set for budding illusionists.


This doll’s house would have been Georgie’s and Katie’s idea of a perfect present from Father Christmas and any girl would be so excited to receive the Djeco Modern Doll’s House.



Carrying on the world of figurative role play, the Djeco Arty toys have two new sets for Christmas. The palace and castle, when paired with the collectable figures create a world in which children can create their own stories and magical worlds. These proved very popular with all the kids who attended the event.


Djeco’s puzzles are always so beautiful looking and this large Chinese dragon is a perfect example of what Djeco do so well with design and illustration at the forefront of their ideology.


We adore the wooden toys Djeco bring out. The colours and designs work for both kids and parents no garishness to hurt the eyes!). The mini kitchen is a perfect solution is space is tight in the home and the piano is so cute. All the colours mean that items such as the tea set, picnic sets and kitchens would be perfect for boys and girls alike (Teddy has always been drawn to the small kitchen…the next Heston Blumenthal??)..


Djeco Christmas

As well as toys and crafts, Djeco offer a range of kids’ nursery and bedroom accessories. The snow globe night lights were enchanting. They can be put on a timer and give off a subtle light. Georgie has her eye on the one for Teddy as he is going through a faze of not liking the dark. We also felt the jewellery boxes, filled with some fun dress-up jewellery would make any little girl’s face light up if she opened it on Christmas Day.

The world of Djeco really fires up imaginations and allows for kids to be free to create and develop. It is hard not to fall in love with a brand whose world is so magical and whimsical for both kids and parents alike. Most of the range can be found here at Tickety Boo and here at Bird Kids, with the Christmas range launching soon.


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