Kerikit bags…the luxury changing bag


Kerikit luxury changing bags have been designed by a busy mum who appreciates that when we become mums, we do not suddenly loose all sense of style. Admittedly, the first few days after having a baby some may say otherwise but, once we’ve figured out that we can have a shower and brush our teeth and if the baby cries for longer than 30 seconds then that’s OK, we are off out. Getting out and about is one of the best things a new mum can do. It makes us feel connected with the outside world again and engage with other adults.





The Kerikit changing bags help make us mums feel special as well as organised. They are made of luxury leather with detailed finishes (even the changing mat manages to ooze luxury with its leather trim and fastening…which can then be used as a laptop sleeve). The bags have numerous pockets and pouches to make room for everything a mum may need…from nappies, to changes of clothes, to bottles and snacks. Georgie has had chance to try a few of their styles out and all have been perfect for various tasks. They have been tested travelling, lunching and for general days out…and passed with flying colours at everything which has been thrown at them.





As they are luxury changing bags, they have been designed so that once the kids no longer require the paraphernalia which has to follow them about everywhere, the bags can become luxury bags within their own right. Small considerations such as making a pocket big enough to hold a laptop or a miniĀ zipped pouch at the top of the backpack to store keys in have been thought of.

You can find out for about the Kerikit range and see their online shop here.

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