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We don’t know about you, but we have had good intentions at not encouraging our kids to wear clothes emblazoned with their latest superhero / cartoon love. The designs, on the whole, are not the best we’ve seen. However, we must remember, our kids are still kids. Really, if there is any time they can have fun with clothing and fashion, it is now. Georgie was looking for some Star Wars pieces for her boys (they are obsessed!) and she came across Fabric Flavours.






Fabric Flavours produce clothing with popular movie and television characters as well as some very cool band T-shirts and rompers which look, well, good. The designs are modern looking – not simply taking a cartoon still and printing it on a T-shirt. Thought has gone into the pieces.

Fabris Flavours


When Harry and Teddy’s Fabric Flavours pieces arrived, they wanted them on immediately and we have had some great comments from people sharing the love we have for this label.




Being typical boys, Georgie has already had to wash both the T-shirts and sweaters a couple of times and they wash brilliantly. As recommended, she washes them inside out due to the designs and print. Apart from that, they can go in regular washes ready for their next adventure…maybe in a galaxy far, far away…or just over some tree stumps!




So go on, let the kids have fun with fashion. See more on Fabric Flavours and to shop the range, see here.

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