Quick tips and tricks to looking more polished and groomed

Don’t get us wrong, we do not bounce out of the house ready to take on the world every morning with perfected hair and skin, but when we have had the spare 5 minutes to make ourselves look at least human so we don’t scare the wildlife, we feel that little bit more confident and better about ourselves. There is nothing wrong in wanting to feel like you could bump into…say…Tom Hiddleston…just a suggestion and feel like he would not recoil in horror at what faces him. Here are some things which might just help us achieve that…

cheats, tips and tricks to looking more polished and groomed

1. Babyliss Diamond Big Hair Styler – we have the older version but this comes with two interchangeable (and replaceable) brush heads. The genius of it is that hair can be practically dry and it will still style it. The brush head rotates to lift and style the hair. If you don’t have one, trust us, this will change your morning routine for the better.

2. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – if you apply nothing else int he mornings, this with a Charlotte tilbury Beach Stick and a swipe of mascara will make you look more awake than you actually feel when shepherding the kids into the car for the school run.

3. Chanel CC Cream – this is a bit of a favourite (see previous post here). It covers whilst making the skin feel cared for. If time is tight, there is no need to moisturise beforehand and you may even be able to go without concealer!

4. Byredo hair perfume – for when you don’t have time for a shower, let alone wash your hair this will leave your hair nourished with a divine scent.

5. Navy Fedora with Pink Ribbon by Davina Mulford – if time is of the essence, stick on a hat (this one is rather gorgeous and the bright colours will detract from any under eye shadows).

6. Jouer Lip Enhancer – this is a really good product for this time of year. It conditions the lips to leave them feeling soft with a gorgeous sheen which works well as a quick pick-me-up. It is advertised as a night treatment but Georgie loves using it during the day.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Quick ‘N’ Easy kit – we love the textures and pigments Charlotte Tilbury achieves in her skincare and makeup. This little kit contains the some of our already make-up bag staples such as Wonderglow, a Colour chameleon (which makes defining the eyes a cinch – see previous post here) and a beach stick for a healthy glow.

8. Benefit Big Sexy Eye Kit – this requires just one sweep to get a two tone shaded look. Easy for a quick definition to the eyes.


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