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When Hush approached me asking if I wanted to have a go at taking their “Style Personality Quiz” I immediately thought I knew my style, and how would this help? It turns out, I was in for a surprise. It’s a simple quiz with just a few questions. At the end, your style is revealed with ideas for outfits as well as different people who could inspire you. So what is my style? Well, it made me do a double take..I came out as…

Hush Style Personality Quiz

It even suggests your spirit animal…I was rather flattered to be likened to a Panther, apparently mysterious, loyal and thoughtful, which I would say is true. I’ve been told I’m hard to read sometimes, I am prone to over-thinking and am fiercely loyal to friends and family.

I digress. I took a look at the style suggestions and actually really loved what was being recommended. It really has made me realise that I am probably a “minimalist” dresser…

Hush Style Personality Quiz

Openback jumpsuit – this is so cute and a cheeky take on the jumpsuit.

hush Style Personality Quiz

Black blazer – I adore this whole look. A fabulous date night Summer outfit.

Hush Style Peronslaity Quiz

Vivienne shirt – this shirt has been on my “want list” so it may now be on my “need” list! I am also drawn to the culottes – a perfect alternative to a skirt when running about with the kids.

hush Style Personality Quiz

Melanie dress – I can see me throwing this on for the school run 9when the days get warmer!). I really like the slightly sporty luxe look to it.

Hush Style Personality Quiz

Daphne dress – this is definitely a dress up or dress down dress. A good wardrobe staple.

Hush Personality style quiz

Striped Amie joggers – I’ll be honest, if these hadn’t appeared in the “minimalist” suggestions, i may not have looked at them. These would be PERFECT for when we travel. We are off to St Thomas in Summer so need comfy travelling clothes but these will also look a little be cool, calm and collected (as I chase the boys around the airport!).

Hush Style personality quiz

Juniper Ruched dress – this is fab for a girls’ lunch date or relaxed Summer dinner.

So, all in all, I have to say, my style is not the style I thought I was but looking through my “outfits of the day” posts on Instagram…Hush have nailed it. Even when I go for colour, I don’t tend to go for overly patterned prints and I keep the silhouette simple. Well done Hush – you know me better than me! You can take your Hush Style Personality Quiz here – you might, like me, be surprised by the results!

Hush Style Personality Quiz



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