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I am late to the bandwagon with this product. I have heard magical testaments to Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer but have never got round to trying ti. Before kids, I had regular sessions at the hairdressers and my hair, on the whole was shiny and in good condition. Fast forward to post-kids and my hair goes for months without a hairdresser appointment (between 2-3 months…a far cry from the 6 week regular slot I used to have). It has also become generally drier and more frizzy.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Sat in L K Hair Studio (if you live near Reading, I cannot recommend this beauty salon enough), I was having a moan about my hair and they recommended Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. The lovely Kaye told me how she was lucky enough to spend time with Philip Kingsley in his development lab and found him so insightful. For instance, I didn’t know that oil can actually dry out hair. I’ve been using oil for a while now. Kaye asked if I found I was using more and more (I was) and she explained that, if you use oil and then apply heat to style hair or are in hot sun, you are effectively frying your hair (think how we cook roast potatoes and chips!). I needed a solution – the Elasticizer.

The Elasticizier was developed by Philip Kingsley for Audrey Hepburn who, whilst filming over here in the UK was in desperate need of something to get her hair into good shape. A week later, Philip Kingsley delivered Elasticizer and the rest, as they say, is history.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

To be honest, I thought the Elasticizer would be a hassle product. I don’t have time for the hair treatments you have to apply mid-shower and wait so I immediately loved the idea of the Elasticizer. You wet your hair (I use my hands under a tap), apply the product and then I wander about the house tidying up or doing odd jobs before I shampoo and condition as usual. Another option is to apply it at night and sleep with the product on, ready to rinse off the next day.

I have the “Coconut Breeze” scented Elasticizer at the moment (available here). The scent is subtle and not overpowering. You can also get it in a travel size here, which I featured in my Summer holiday beauty essentials (read here for more details). I have also been using the Preen Cream to replace the hair oil I was using and it feels much more nourishing (available here).

If your hair has been subjected to sunny weather and over styling or you are due to go somewhere fabulous, the Elasticizer is a product worth having at the ready to pamper your hair and encourage it to get back to it’s soft, glossy self.

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