Summer Holiday essentials for the kids

Packing for the kids when going away, whether at home or abroad usually means they end up with bigger suitcases than you. Aside from clothes and swimwear here’s what i’ll be packing for our time away.

Kids holiday essentials

Sun Lotion SPF 30 Scent Free by Organic Children – I have written about this a few times as, hand on heart, the is the only sun cream Harry’s skin can tolerate. It’s not as easy to apply as the sprays and aerosols you can get but it genuinely does not create any kind of rash or reaction on sensitive skins.

Aloe Vera Lotion and After Sun by Organic Children – I use this product not only on the kids but also on myself. It is wonderfully cooling and moisturising without being greasy.

Travel-size Lavender Baby Wash and Shampoo by Organic Babies – a brilliant two-in-one product to take away with you. The lavender smell is natural and not at all that overpowering chemical smell you sometimes get.

Soothing Baby Salve by Organic Babies – I know, another Green People/Organic Children/Babies product but honestly, since using their products Harry’s skin can improved dramatically. I hardly ever have to use a steroid cream for his eczema now. This salve is great for soothing itching or a reaction. It’s also extremely moisturising. It is a greasy salve though so no applying it before the beach!

Hair detangler by Child’s Farm – my boys do not sit still in the bath or shower for long enough to put in a conditioner and Harry’s hair especially is like mine…coarse and thick. This detangling spray is brilliant for quickly applying after their bath and smells lovely and fresh. Perfect after a windswept day on the beach or a day spent in the salty sea/chlorinated pool.

Sunscreen applicator by Solar Buddies – as I use a cream SPF cream for the boys, this nifty little applicator makes applying the cream easier. It dispenses out of a roller ball and spreads with the sponge making rubbing time time minimal. It’s also a perfect size for popping in a bag for day trips.

Compact styler by Tangle Teezer – most parents have one of these for their kids’ hair and they remain one of the best for getting rid of knots and tangles quickly, with minimal fuss.

Giant muslin by Marloe London – this muslin is HUGE. It can be used as a sheet in warm weather, towel, DIY den, picnic blanket and even a scarf or sarong for me. A versatile product which can be used well beyond babyhood.

Cutlery by Nana’s Manners – I may be an odd one out here, but I always pack kids’ cutlery when i go away as you can never guarantee a restaurant will have cutlery the kids can use easily. Nana’s Manners knife and fork set are an ingenious design and immediately when Teddy picked up a set, the design encouraged him to hold them correctly.

Tapp Thermometer by Oblumi – I reviewed this thermometer here and think is a brilliant parent product. Small and easy to use, this thermometer is a handy addition to a First Aid Kit.

Travel First Aid Kit by Boots/St John’s Ambulance – a good base for a first aid kit. I am adding a travel size saline solution (available here and great for cleaning grazes or if sand gets in the eye), some sachets of Call (available here) and extra tough, waterproof plasters (available here).

Lavender & Aloe Vera Cooling Cream by Neal’s Yard – a couple of friends recommended this to me to ease the itching from insect bits. Good for adults too!



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