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The other week I was mindlessly scrolling on Facebook when I saw Aurelia Skincare inviting followers to try out their 3 step “Probiotic Regime”…for free! This sounded too good to be true. I have used the Miracle Cleanser for over a year and love the texture, smell and luxurious yet clean feel you get after using it, but I had not tried their other skincare products. I hit the link, thinking I’d probably be sent to some scam site but true enough, I was able to order a trial set of the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare range and as an extra bonus I was able to choose (what turned out to be) a deluxe sample of the Cell Repair Night Oil.Aurelia Skincare

The package arrived, beautifully wrapped and that very same evening I thought I would start to trial this set. I did use an additional item – a cleansing oil (I use this one here), which I always use in the evening as a first cleanse before I move onto the second cleanse step. I also use a clean wash cloth everyday (I get mine from Ikea here) to remove my cleanser. After the oil I applied the Miracle Cleanser followed by the Cell Repair Night Oil and finally the Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser. In the morning I used the Miracle Cleanser followed by the Revitalise & Glow Serum and then the Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser.

Day 1: Before starting the Aurelia regime. I have make-up on in the photos (I have used exactly the same make-up to try and show the difference) as initially I was going to do a piece on my eye make-up but when I saw how bad my skin was in this photo I know something needed to change.

Aurelia Skincare

Day 4: The changes in my skin are subtle but the tone is smoother (especially on my forehead), around my nose is less red and flaky looking plus the make-up seems to sit better on my skin.

Aurelia Skincare

Day 9 – my skin is so much smoother and more even tones. i am wearing the same face make-up but I haven’t had to apply is as heavily. The differences may be subtle but their have definitely been changes to the tone and texture as well as the clarity of my skin.

Aurelia Skincare

Before I started using this regime my skin had reacted to something (I am still not sure what!). When I get a reaction I get lots of tiny white spots all over my forehead and some on my cheeks. It looks horrible and is lumpy and itchy to touch. I felt that as Aurelia Skincare doesn’t like to put any “nasties” in their products (plus they don’t test on animals – hooray!), it might help my skin. A week on, I can honestly say my skin is smoother, feels softer and the multitude of very fine lines I have around my eyes are not as bad…and the reaction has completely disappeared.

I really enjoy using the Aurelia Skincare products as they smell divine (but not overpowering), feel luxurious to use and actually works. Plus, the packaging is very pretty…not a bad thing!

If you fancy trying these products for yourself, look up Aurelia on Facebook here or their website here. I will add the link I followed to my Facebook page (link here) as I couldn’t immediately see it on the Aurelia page. I will definitely be purchasing the full size set but there is a smaller one for travelling/trying out available as well.

NOTE: I have not been sponsored for this post, I simply saw a Facebook offer but loved the 3 step regime so much I felt I had to share!

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