Bonfire Night Party Ideas for Kids

Not only do we have the spooky fun of Halloween coming up but just a week after that, Bonfire Night signals hot dogs around a fire whilst we “ooh!” and “ah!” at a colourful firework display. If you are hosting to going to a Bonfire Night party, here are some ideas for making the most of the Autumnal fun.

Bonfire night for Kids


1. Cashmere Star Bobble Hat by Olivier Baby – keep their little heads warm with an Olivier baby cashmere hat. The boys have these and they wash beautifully should they get dirty.

2. “Toasty” sweatshirt by Tobias and the Bear – what’s better than a hot chocolate with marshmallows for the kids as they watch the fireworks?

3. Cosmos Tights by Braveling – these soft tights will keep little legs warm as they watch the sky light up with fireworks.

4. Personalised Baby Mug by Emma Bridgewater – a personalised mug for the little ones to enjoy their hot chocolate in.

5. Gold Glitter Apple Hair Clip by Obi Obi – there’s nothing wrong in co-ordinating your little one’s hair clip with her toffee apple!

6. Kid’s Ear Defenders by Edz Kids – if your little one is unsure of loud noises these ears defenders are great. My boys wear them when riding on the lawnmower and when we’ve gone to a festival.

7. Nat Navy Parka Coat by Monsoon – the kids definitely won’t feel the cold in this coat.

8. Gold Confetti Popper by Meri Meri – a safer option than a sparkler for little ones.

9. Star Light Chain by Bloomingville – if your kids are unsure about the loud bangs of fireworks outside bring some twinkly lights inside to make them feel part of the fun (they can also be used for Christmas afterwards).

10. Graffiti Biscuit Baking Kit by BKD – get the little ones in the kitchen making biscuits to have with their hot chocolate. These biscuits come with edible ink pens ready to be decorated with fireworks and stars.

11. Fur Lined Rubber Boots by Aigle – these faux fur lined boots will mean you little one’s feet will stay warm in the chilly night air so they can enjoy the Bonfire Night celebrations.

12. Make Your Own Rocket by Cotton Twist – these can be handed out as party favours so the kids can make their very own flying rockets.

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