Maternity Hospital Bag Packing Essentials

hospital bag essentials

Well, it’s getting closer to when we will finally be meeting the bump. We are hoping three is the magic number and she behaves brilliantly. Sleeping from day one, gurgling rather than crying, no explosive nappies….hmmmm. Anyway, now it has come to packing a hospital bag for number three I have figured out what I really need and what isn’t of much use. Here are my packing essentials for a hospital bag…

For Mama

Above all, remember to pack your notes into your bag! All the other bits and pieces can always be bought in for you later. The hospital won’t leave you naked without a stitch to wear and I have been in hospital gowns for both deliveries.

Hospital bag essentials

1. Willow Changing Bag by Tiba & Marl x Mamas & Papas – This bag is lightweight but strong and big enough to fit everything in needed for a (hopefully) not too long stay in hospital. It can then be used as a changing bag to cart around all the things your newborn will need when out and about.

2. Pillow with old pillow case – I cannot stress how this helped with the birth of both Harry and Teddy. The hospital pillows aren’t great and having a more squishy and substantial pillow (even a cheap one) makes a huge difference with being comfortable. I had to stay in for a week with Harry and found it indepensable.

6. Camera – make sure someone takes a photo of you with your newborn! I have this Olympus Pen which I love.

3. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream – this is the best nipple cream I’ve come across and should you choose to breastfeed this will be a must – trust me! Plus Lansinoh Breast Pads – with the boys I used the Johnson’s pads which you can still get online but they are not easy to come by. As the Lansinoh Nipple Cream is good, I’ll give these a go.

10. Maternity Pads by Boots – with my last two, these were the most comfortable pads so unless they’ve changed then make, these are the ones I’ll be packing. not glamorous but necessary!!

4. Phone and charger – don’t forget these to use to contact friends and family with your happy news as well as take photos of the precious first moments.

9. Headphones – to use with your phone and if you have headphones with a leda take these in case you want to use the hospital TV. Mine are by Coloud and comfortable 9I’m not part of the wireless generation yet!).

7.Lace Nursing Nightie by Bloom and Blossom x Mamas & Papas – a nightie is more comfortable than pyjamas (especially if you end up having a C-section). You can throw over a longline cardigan to keep cosy.

8. Lace Trim Long Wrap Dressing Gown by Marks & Spencer – this will be your friend in hospital and for the first few days/weeks at home. With a touch of cashmere, this dressing gown will be warm and comfortable to wear over your nightwear.

12. Micro Towelling Mule Slippers by Marks & Spencer – like the cotton knickers, take a cheap pair of slippers for when you’re in the hospital and dispose of them afterwards.

11. Flip Flops by Accessorize – as with the slippers, get a cheap pair of flip flops for in the bathroom/shower.

13. Rock and Roll Jumper by Hush – you’ve just grown a little human and given birth – you are completely and utterly rock and roll! Team with leggings or joggers (like the Velour Joggers by Hush here) for the journey home to start your new life with your little one.

15. Faux Fur Slip On Sneakers by Zara – easy to put on (essential if you have a C-section) when leaving hospital and will keep your feet toasty warm.

14. Nursing Vest with Inner Support by Mothercare – take a couple of these. Perfect as you don’t have to wear a bra with them if it feels more comfortable without.

5. 4 Pack Pure Cotton Full Briefs by Marks & Spencer – I personally would not bother with disposable knickers – too uncomfortable! These are cheap and buy them in a couple of sizes up (I am usually a UK10 and I get a UK14 in these to pack).

Toiletry Bag

If you are a mum who is in and out of hospital within a day, you may not need all of these but I was in with the boys from 2-6 nights so little comforts made all the difference…plus I am a bit neurotic about washing my face so just a pack of face wipes will not do! Something I haven’t included but I was told by the midwife to pack are some detail wipes – she said they are great for wiping down loo seats and any surfaces you want to keep clean…genius idea!

Hospital bag essentials1. Clear wash bag by Emma Lomax – a clear washbag just makes locating what you need easier…especially when sleep is somewhat sporadic.

2. Cleansing Cloths by Pixi – an easy way to clean you face to make you feel more refreshed.

3. Glow Tonic To Go by Pixi – not an essential but may make you feel more human again.

4. Travel Mirror by Boots – when you just can’t be bothered to get up.

5. 3-step starter set by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare – I am in love with Aurelia since trying their 3-step skincare programme and this little set is a little bit of luxury in hospital.

6. Cream Deodorant by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare – this mini size is great to pack and doesn’t smell too strong with the new baby around you.

7. Hair ties by Millie Pink – essentials for during and after birth!

8. Toothbrush by Sonic – this little sonic toothbrush is great for travelling as well as for feeling more awake after giving birth. I take mine with me whenever I’m away from home.

9. Palette Essentielle by Chanel – make-up is obviously not an essential but if you feel like it, this little palette with concealer, cream blush and highlighter might make you feel a little bit more like you.

10. Lip Enhancer by Jouer Cosmetics – this lip balm is sooooo good. My lips get really dry in hospital as it is usually so warm.

11. Little Treasures Set by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare – another indulgence but he dry body oil is great to use after a shower and why not add a bit of indulgence after having a baby?

12. Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel by Green People – it you are staying in hospital, a wash and clean feels amazing!

13. Hairbrush by Mason Pearson – I have had my small handbag Mason Pearson brush for years and it has lasted brilliantly. Soft on the scalp and can also be used on children.

For Baby

Again, as with all the packing for a hospital bag, if you don’t have it the hospital will help you out and someone can go and get whatever is required for you. My husband and parents were constantly bringing in nappies and wipes when Harry and I had our extended stay. Pack these items in a separate bag ready for after the birth – Josh went and got this bag from the car as he went to phone the parents after the boys were born.

hospital bag essentials

1. Organic Cotton Bodysuits by John Lewis – in both the bodysuits and sleep suits I have always found that the boys lasted moments in the Newborn size…they were both very long babies (!) so the 0-3 months suited us size-wise.

2. Organic Cotton Sleepsuits by John Lewis – a simple pack of soft sleep suits in a simple colour which aren’t too expensive to bin should exploding nappies occur! Most sleep suits have little fold-over anti-c=scratch covers so separate gloves are not usually needed (I also found they constantly fell off with the boys).

3. Starter feeding pack by Aptamil – you may decide you want to breastfeed, you may decide you want to use bottle feeding or you may decide you want to do a mixture of both. When I was in hospital with Harry it was recommended I top him up with formula milk at night to help him as he had a bad infection and they gave me some of these bottles. They are disposable so you are not having to worry about sterilising so soon after birth. I used them for both boys and it makes life a lot easier in the beginning.

4. Pregnancy/nursing pillow by Widgey – I have this as a pregnancy pillow at the moment but it doubles up as a feeding pillow so you can rest comfortably with the baby.

5. Nappies and wipes – I have always used Pampers on the boys. They don’t leak and are soft which are two big pluses. Wet wipes are also great when cotton wool and water is just too much of a faff. Harry had extremely sensitive skin when he was younger and these did not react at all.

6. Changing clutch by Tiba + Marl x Mamas & Papas – this changing clutch will be useful throughout the nappy years. The soft, washable liner and room to fit in a few nappies and wipes will make it a changing bag must.

7. Muslin Swaddles by Aden & Anais – these large muslin swaddles can be used for feeding as well as soft blankets.

8.Going home sleep suit | Springtime by John Lewis – this sleep suit has been available since Harry was born and both boys have come home in it. The little embroidered animals are just adorable so it will be packed again for baby number three. The matching hat (perfect for keeping their little heads warm), feeding bib and gloves are also available here.

9. Star Baby Wrap by Tuppence & Crumble – I have had these for the boys and found them much easier than struggling with the onesie snowsuit things. It is designed to not be too bulky when strapping the baby into a car seat and is cosy yet loose enough not to feel too restrictive.

10. Car Seat – this one is the Pebble by Maxi Cost which we have used for all the kids but obviously there are plenty to choose from. Make sure it’s in the car ready otherwise there will be no way of taking your little one home!!

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