Skincare SOS for partied-out skin

Being pregnant can often be likened to the morning after the night before. Spots (due to hormones or overindulgence), dehydrated skin, lack of sleep and general feeling or blurgh means our skin can lack a glow. As the festive season is upon us I thought I’d share what I have been using in pregnancy which might help anyone with partied out skin.

Partied out skincare

Su-man Gel Oil Face Cleanser and Charlotte Tilbury Dream Bronze Mask

I like to “double cleanse” at night but if it’s too late and you just want to get to bed this is a really good cleanser to use. Apply onto dry skin, massage in (you will feel it go from a gel-like consistency to the feel of an oil), add water to make it go milky and remove with a flannel. It can be used on the eyes and is perfect for sensitive, changeable skin. Available here. If you feel like it, the Charlotte Tilbury Dream Bronze Mask not only helps skin stay soft when applied at night but will give a little hint of a glow so you don’t have to wake up and scare yourself when approaching the mirror…available here.

partied out skin SOS

Sky and Sand face mask

I honestly didn’t want to buy into the hype of this mask but I caved in and it truly is the best clay face mask I’ve tried. I apply it using the dinky brush which means a little goes a long way. There is a slight tingly feeling but nothing unpleasant. After 10 minutes (during which time I usually “multi-task” folding laundry or some other thrilling chore, I wash it off with warm water and a flannel (it’s super easy to remove). Skin feels smoother, looks clearer, especially after skin has rested a while and looks a bit more glowy. Available here.

Partied out skincare

By Terry CC Lumi-Serum in Apricot Glow

This is great for a day after a big night out when you don’t want to/can’t be bothered to put on a load of make-up. It has the tiniest hint of colour and glow. It feels lovely on the skin and if you want a bit more, I pair it with the Chanel Palette Essentielle (see review post here). Available here.

Partied out skincare

Bravura cloth

This is so easy to use and I find it a more effective than a grainy exfoliant. Simply swipe over the body or face for smooth skin. Perfect for prepping the skin for fake tan or for priming skin to make it absorb beauty products more effectively. Available here.

Aurelia 3-step skincare regime

I reviewed the 3-step skincare regime by Aurelia here and continue to use it. The Revitalise and Glow Serum in particular is lovely to use and and Day Moisturiser hydrates without being in the slightest bit greasy. I absolutely love this brand. Starter set available here.

Partied out skincare

Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham Morning Aurora Illuminating Cream

This primer feels moisturising and gives your skin a wee pick-me-up making it feel instantly smoother ready to apply make-up for the next night out. Available here.

Jouer Lip EnhancerJouer Lip Enhancer

I’ve reveiwed this before (see here). I have found my lips really drying out through this pregnancy (probably due to dehydration from the hyperemesis) and this little tube of wonder helps smooth my lips and give them a mini makeover. Available here.

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