Goals for 2018

When a new year dawns we all often decide to make “resolutions”. However, there is nothing more down heartening than realising that by March you haven’t been to the new gym you signed up to since mid-February, that the healthy eating habit has been sidelined for Friday night takeaways and glasses of wine and the supposedly de-cluttering of the house resulted in simply going through old photographs, sitting with the aforementioned glass of wine and reminiscing about an amazing holiday before putting them away and deciding it’s all worth hanging onto, just in case. I have therefore decided to simply try things out in 2018. If they work out, great. If not, no worries and maybe it wasn’t meant to be or it’s worth another try in a few months time. So, here is my list of “Things I Plan to Give a Go in 2018”.

2018 goals

  1. Make plans to meet up with friends – When I found out I was pregnant we had just had an Easter filled with dinners, nights out, lunches and in general, fun. A couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant the Hyperemesis started, then the rib dislocated and Shingles struck. All in all, it was no conducive to being very social. I became completely unreliable and although I tried to make plans, I invariably had to cancel. Therefore, now Hettie has arrived safe and sound, I want to catch up all the friends I have missed and get out and about again. I can’t wait! A couple of things are already in the diary and I have a list of people to get together with.
  2. Organise our lives – since I moved in with Josh (a long, long, long time ago) I have filled out every form, dealt with utility companies and been the family PA. Since the boys have started school, the amount of activities and school emails seems to be a constant. This year I aim to make sure I write down ALL necessary dates (I was so forgetful last year). And yes, I said write…I can’t bring myself to be completely reliant on my phone and computer for planning our lives, hence the post I did on Monday…you can’t beat a good planner!
  3. Clear out my wardrobe – Looking through my wardrobe…OK, wardrobes, you can still find work clothes I wore over 6 years ago, before Harry was born. I am a terrible hoarder because, well, “you never know!”. I need to let go. I need to think about pieces which make up wardrobe staples and build outfits around them from other items I have. I want to “shop my wardrobe” more this year and not just buy for buying’s sake…let’s see if I can do it!
  4. Get my body feeling OK – see Plan 1. above. I need to get my ribs back in order and feel less post-pregnancy. This will take time but I am on the right track; the osteopath has already been visited, specialist has advised and exercise will come in time. So many of us feel the need to get back to our pre-pregnancy bodies so quickly but it’s learning that you will get there and enjoy cuddles with the baby before embarking on that “essential” exercise regime.
  5. Book holidays early – as a family we are prime examples of how not to do holidays. We always book last minute and I would love to have a holiday or two lined up to get excited about and plan the packing (I’m one of those people who love packing for a holiday almost as much as the holiday itself!).

So there you have it, not a “dry January” or “must buy activewear” or “excel at social media’ (seemingly, and a bit sadly, a must in blogger world…where is the enjoying the real world?) in sight. Hopefully they are achievable but we’ll see…there’s always 2019!!

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