Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is not too far away…in fact, it feels as though it has crept up rather quickly this year. With many of us relying on our Mums and appreciating as Mums ourselves, the sacrifices they made, getting them something they will truly enjoy is important. Also, you never know, there might be a Dad out there who can guide your kids towards something special this year by reading this…

Mother's day gift ideas

Looking at the products I have chosen for this edit, they are all (I feel) designed to enhance our lives as Mums. Making the everyday a bit more special and a bit easier…

1. Personalised initial flat bangle by Merci Maman – any piece of Merci Maman jewellery can be personalised to make it feel special to the wearer. This bangle can have the charms of the children on it with maybe their names engraved on one side and their dates of birth on the other.

2. Makeup stack by Trinny London – another time-saving bit of beauty kit. At the moment I am using the Lala & Bea face oil (no. 9) and then mixing a bit of Clinique’s BIY with the Trinny London BFF. It is gorgeous to use and makes looking less tired in the morning achievable!

3. Big Hair hot styling brush by Babyliss – as we battle to get out of the house in the morning there aren’t many Mums who have the luxury of “doing” our hair. This gadget, which I have mentioned before makes it possible. I can also safely say that the style does last a couple of days similar to a professional blow-dry.

4. Cru trainers by Air & Grace – some people don’t get the pre-dirty look of trainers but I love these! If these aren’t for you, Air & Grace do a fabulous range of sneakers (the white and blue glitter Copelands are a favourite). They are so comfortable and the designs are spot on.

5. Mama Rocks tee by Honey Rocks – two Mothers set up Honey Rocks, an independent lifestyle store and these tees help support manufacture in good working environments.

6. “Relax & Unwind” room diffuser by The Bird Box – I adore The Bird Box candles and introducing a Room Diffuser to the range is genius. This way you can enjoy the fragrance blends wafting gently around your home without having to remember to blow out candles every time you leave.

7. The Gigi bag by Aurora London – I have the red version of this and it is so roomy whilst still being compact. The bags can be personalised and there is a wonderful range of colours to choose from.

8. Camera by Canon – as we all know, Mums don’t tend to be in many photos as it is always Mums who take them! this camera will take beautiful shots of the family and any special moments to make sure the memories are recorded.

9. Get Up & Glow face oil by Lala & Bea – I have been using this and it feels beautiful to apply. It calms my bad tempered skin and keeps it on the straight and narrow. Is there a Mum out there who isn’t looking for a bit of Get Up & Glow??.

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