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When it comes to sun care and our children, the main thing we all know as parents is that we need to keep the minis protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays… What not quite so many of us realise is what we are putting on their delicate skin can be causing more harm than good. This seemed to become very apparent when Harry reacted to every “sensitive” and “child specific” sunscreen I tried.

I then came across Green People and their Organic Children sun care range. Green People offer the Organic Children sun care range for all the family, which uses an expert blend of earth minerals, the mountain flower Edelweiss and other effective, gentle filters to provide broad-spectrum protection for your skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Green People suncare

Using natural and organic skin care for your children will inevitably be better for their skin. So many sun lotions these days contain a plethora of chemicals including synthetic UV filters, parabens, petrochemicals, urea, PEGs, DEA, TEA, irritating emulsifiers, synthetic colours and perfume. This would definitely explain Harry’s skin reaction to such sunscreens. When talking to the amazingly knowledgable Green People team the following was highlighted to me:

Eczema prone skin…

With the rates of eczema and allergies amongst children continuing to rise, and the knowledge that some substances, when applied to the skin, may be absorbed and enter the bloodstream (as much as 60%, depending on the nature and properties of the chemical), the Organic Children sun care range is such a sensible option. Particularly as it has the additional benefit of being suitable for children with eczema prone skin.

Water repellent and not water proof…

The Organic Children sun care lotions are naturally water resistant, but not water proof. The repelling qualities allow children to splash about whilst remaining protected from the sun, however it is important to remember that up to 25% of sun lotion can be washed off during a 20 minute dip in the sea.

Using a waterproof suncream will keep sun protection in place whilst in the water, but they are created by mixing a combination of synthetic chemicals, such as silicones and petrochemicals that have no affinity to human skin and work by creating a seal that stops water getting through. This waterproofing ‘seal’ is a nightmare for people with sensitive skin,  who are prone to blemishes, prickly heat and allergies because they will cause irritation, rashes and may aggravate any inflammation or dryness.

The danger with using waterproof sun cream is not only that they can block your pores and cause irritation, they may also lead people to reapply sun protection less frequently, leaving them more susceptible to long term damage from UV radiation.

Why SPF30 and not SPF50…

What many people aren’t aware is that SPF50 only filters out 1% more UVB light than an SPF30. So not in fact almost double, as you would expect! So, in fact the SPF ratings higher than 30 are primarily used by sun care companies as a marketing tool.

Whilst SPF’s protect from UVB skin burning, they don’t relate to UVA rays which cause long-term damage in the deeper layers of the skin. There can be a tendency for people who use SPF50 sun lotions to reapply less frequently and stay in the sun longer than when they use lower factor sun lotions. Be careful, because this can dramatically increase the risk of sun damage because in order to get good UVA defence, you must regularly top up your protection no matter what the factor. So basically you don’t need to worry about using an SPF50 suncream, the important point is that you can just as well use an SPF30 – and follow the best advice that I’ve been given by Green People, which is… reapply, reapply, reapply!

Green People suncare


After Sun…

The Organic Children Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun moisturises and protects young skin with its soothing blend of Calendula and Aloe Vera. A bonus of this after sun lotion, is that it is ideal for everyday use as it contains mild, natural ingredients and no irritating synthetic chemical – it is perfect to use as a body moisturiser. I only pack this for holidays – I don’t bother with a separate lotion for us adults as this after sun is so effective.


I was gifted the Organic Children suncreams. All thoughts, opinions and styling however are entirely minis AND MORE’s own.

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