Trinny London BFF Cream Review

You can see an updated version of this post with new shades and photos here.

Right, I’ve been banging on about the Trinny London BFF Cream Cream on Instagram and on here for a few weeks now so I thought I would dedicate a post to it just to go on about it some more and give it a proper review. I have not been paid or sponsored to do this, I just think it is flipping amazing stuff.

The Trinny London makeup concept is, in my little opinion, genius. Most of the collection comes in dinky little pots which can be stacked together in any combination for ease of use and transportation. The only piece which odes not arrive in a pot is the BFF Cream. This handy pump style tube is easy enough to take out and about but there is an empty stackable pot provided should you wish to use it.

Trinny London BFF Cream review

Trinny London BFF Cream review

I have two shades: Light and Medium. Both of which have served me perfectly whether pre or post Easter sun holiday (when choosing a shade, use the Trinny London “Match 2 Me” and it gives a really good result for the shades which would suit you for the BFF Cream as well as the other products). When it arrived and I first tried it, I have to admit I didn’t quite “get it”. It comes out of the tube white (??) and you smooth it on. At first I couldn’t really see what the fuss was about, but moments later something magic happened. I don’t know how the BFF Cream works but it somehow transforms to tone in with your skin and makes it appear better, more radiant and even than it did before.

It is by no means a heavy coverage but on a day to day basis I don’t wear heavy foundation and on holiday it is more than enough, replacing tinted moisturisers. I did use some of Trinny London’s “Just A Touch” to help with the shadows under my eyes and the odd hormonal spot, but apart from that I did not really need much else. Below are some photos to demonstrate what I feel to be is, the transformative effect.

Trinny London BFF Cream review

This is pre the BFF Cream and any other make-up. I had spent most the night awake with a stinking headache and blocked nose after having done a 10 hour flight, hence the very tired look with red nose and cheeks (nice!).

Trinny London BFF Cream Review

Above is with the BFF Cream┬áin Light. I think you can see that, although my skin is by no means model-like, the redness has been toned down, the shadows under the eyes art quite as scary and my skin appears more even and less “mum of three”.

Trinny London BFF Review

This photo is using the Trinny London stack – the “Just A Touch” concealer, a cream blusher, cream eyeshadow and lip tint.

Trinny London BFF review

Finally, to compare, once I had a tan, I switched to the Medium shade.

I have to say, if you are looking for a Spring/Summer tinted moisturiser which (bonus!) has and SPF30 which doesn’t cause breakouts (my skin is hyper sensitive to SPF creams), then Trinny’s BFF Cream is a must have. If you need more coverage I feel it would make a lovely primer. You can purchase the cream here.

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