Mum must have | The Bubble Bum Booster Seat

I have to be honest, I was sent the Bubble Bum Booster Seat last year but due to my dislocated rib in the last couple of months of my pregnancy, I was not able to drive so did not have chance to try it out. When Hettie arrived and the need to squeeze three little people into the back of the car rather than the two, the Bubble Bum Booster Seat was immediately sought out and installed.

bubble bum travel booster seat

The Bubble Bum is a compact, portable booster seat which rolls out of its pouch and is simple to inflate. Once inflated you simply place it on the car seat you want your little one to sit on and attach the seat belt through the clips provided. It is designed to fit on either side of a car with the shoulder clip ensuring the seat belt sits comfortably and at the correct height for your child. The clips either side of the seat make sure the belt sits close to the body to ensure safety (in the photo below we haven’t got the clips on as Harry was “demonstrating the seat before we headed off!).

bubble bum travel booster seat

We use this booster seat for Harry and he finds it easy to strap himself in once sitting on it (the boys also, rather predictably find the “Bubble Bum” name hilarious which has helped encourage use…boys!!!). It can be neatly stored to take away on an holidays or used for any car sharing lifts we might have. It has been so useful and proved so easy to use that my Mother has ordered one for her car so she too can accommodate our growing family!

You can find out more about the Bubble Bum Booster Seat here.


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