Activity Books for Kids

Going away on holiday usually means packing piles of activity books for the kids in an attempt to have a relatively calm and enjoyable supper in the evenings or if they simply need some time to chill on a sun lounger in the shade for a while. Here are the ones which have made it into our suitcases.

Activity Books for Kids

From top left to right:

This is Not a Maths Book – Harry is obsessed with Maths and this book is a fun way to stretch the use of maths.

The Super Book for Superheroes – the boys are into the “Captain Underpants” movie at the moment when two school kids make up a comic book about a superhero. This book is great fun nd includes everything needed to kistart the beginnings of a superhero from their name, to what makes it into their utility belt, to what they drive and who they fight.

Where’s Wally? Travel Collection – this is about A5 size and is light to carry and contains LOADS of Where’s Wally? images to entertain a kids for (hopefully!) ages.

Holiday Pocket Puzzle Book – this mini book is perfect for hand luggage and has plenty to keep kids amused.

Colouring Book by Herve Tullet – this book is quite thick so it’s one to put in the suitcase for when to get to where you are going but I love the way it tempts kids to explore beyond simple colouring.

Magic Water Colouring Book – these are great for younger kids and can be used over and over again.

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