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When it comes to mascara, I do not like to spend too much as it does start to dry out after a while and needs replacing far too frequently. For ages I’ve been using a Max Factor non clumping mascara but it has stopped being made so the hunt was on to find another reasonably priced, decent mascara. I have always found Kiko products amazing value and their Standout Volume Buildable Mascara (not the catchiest name) was therefore worth a go. I included it in my roundup of August favourites (see here) but I thought it was worth a post review of its own to show it in action.

The Kiko packaging always looks (to my mind) more expensive than it actually is. The mascara tube is rectangular in shape (great as it means it doesn’t roll about on my basin top) and looks a bit futuristic…like it’s detached itself from a UFO (or is that just my thinking?). Anyway, the tube looks good and is tactile to the touch but what about the mascara itself?

Kiko mascara review

When I am looking for a good mascara the main thing I want is for it not to clump. I don’t have time to faff about with a lash comb in the mornings. This Kiko mascara does not seem to clump at all. I have been using it for a couple of months now and still no annoying stuck together lashes. Woo hoo!

The other big selling point for me is that this mascara can be a day or evening option (yes, mascaras can vary for day and evening looks – from a subtle coating to a dramatic spider like effect…or from a marketing point of view more butterfly wings than spider legs!). This mascara does exactly what it says on the tube. It really is buildable. In the photos below is before, after one coat and then after three coats of the Kiko mascara just to show you the difference.

Kiko mascara review

Basically, I love this little metallic tube of las lengthening loveliness. Kiko often have offers on and when I last look it was on offer for just over three, yes three quid!! It must be worth a try for that price (it is normally just over £9 which is still a bit of a deal, I think!). The Kiko Standout Volume Buildable Mascara is available here.

Kiko mascara review


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