Mother and Child Skincare with Fushi

Sometimes, things just all come into place at the right time. Fushi contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to try one of their oils. It was at a point when I was not only fed up with my overly reactive, hormonal skin but Hettie too had started to suffer with eczema on her legs and arms as teething has kicked in. I asked if Hettie and I could try the Really Good Vitamin E Oil and the Calendula Oil to see if this could help with our multiple skin concerns.

Fushi oils

I don’t know about you, but my skin has changed with each child I have given birth too. The hormones, lack of sleep and general lack of time which means you find yourself at the bottom of the pile when it comes to taking time to look after yourself all add up to dry skin (lets not mention the wrinkles!), spotty skin, dull skin and due to two C-sections, scarring. I had read Fushi’s website and felt the Vitamin E Oil and the Calendula Oil would be the perfect ones to try for not only the issues I have with my skin but also Hettie’s. Our first “Mother and Daughter” beauty regime!

The Really Good Vitamin E Oil is generally thought to be a bit of a skincare super oil. It has so many uses (Fushi explain it brilliantly here) and can be used as it is or mixed with existing serums or moisturisers for a added skincare boost. After an amazing Summer my legs do tend to get quite dry so after a mini exfoliation I have been rubbing the oil onto my legs to make them more healthy. I have also been mixing it with my moisturiser for my face which has had the added bonus of making my skin appear that bit more dewy/glowy. For Hettie, it has helped her sore little cheeks, another symptom from teething.

Fushi Oils

I have always been a advocate of using natural products where you can, and although Fushi oils may not have the luxurious feel some people might like as they do not add any unnecessary fragrance which some people like but I tend to react to, they do perform well. Obviously my skin is not model-perfect but make-up seems to be easier to apply since the oils have made my skin a bit smoother and calmer. In the photo above I have been using the oils for a couple of weeks and just have on Trinny London BFF Cream and a bit of concealer under my eyes and around my nose with a light finish of bronzer – I have noticed my skin is less “bumpy” – I was trawling my photos as I wished I had taken a before photo as I promise, I was chuffed to see how my skin appeared more even toned.

A really fabulous use of the Really Good Vitamin E Oil has been on my parched legs. I cannot tell you how dry they have been over the Summer (I even resorted to exfoliating with a packet of sugar in the shower on holiday to try and help smooth them as I hadn’t taken any exfoliator with me!). They look so much better now plus I use the Calendula Oil after I have shaved them to calm the skin.

Fushi oils

Now, I have a confession…I have used the Fushi Calendula Oil in the past and already know it works. After the birth of Teddy, who, like Hettie was a C-section I used the Calendula Oil on my scar. I have a tendency to scar easily and for them not to fade quickly so I thought it would be worth a go. Even the consultant I was under for Hettie’s birth was amazed at the lack of scarring from Teddy’s birth. There was no mark at all. Obviously I cannot categorically say it was all down to the Calendula Oil but it made me think enough of it to want to use it again. Another way I have been using it is as a face oil as I suffer from mild rosacea and due to its anti-inflammatory properties I have applied to to my face at night after my moisturiser.  I have also used the oil on Hettie for her nappy rash and to calm to redness down where the eczema has flared up (more teething symptoms!).

Fushi oils

Fushi oils

Above are before photos of Hettie’s legs and below are after using the Calendula Oil for about 10 days.

fushi oils

Fushi oils

So are there any downsides to the oils? These oils are light and do absorb easily but as with any oil, they can be slightly more “faffy” to apply than a cream. Also, if I apply the oil to Hettie’s legs I can’t then carry her in an outfit made up of any delicate material but before her naps or bedtime is a perfect time to apply the oils. Like I said, for purely selfish reasons I would love to be able to get individual travel sizes to pop in my bag to apply on the go (for both Hettie and me) as well as for when we go away – or bottles I could decant.

These oils are good base oils to have at home. If you had to choose one, the Vitamin E Oil can be added to your existing routine easily and is great for all kinds of skincare issues but if you have just had a C-section or very irritated skin, the Calendula could really help. You can find out more about Fushi and purchase ether oils here.

I was sent the Fushi oils as a gift but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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