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With Halloween on the horizon, trick or treat groups and parties start to be planned. With this comes the excitement as kids dream of bagfuls of sweets and what they will wear to scare the neighbours. Here are some costume ideas which need not always involve highly flammable material!


kids halloween costumes

1. Lulu Dinosaur Jumpsuit by Greenberry Kids

2. Baby Stripe Blouse by Tocoto Vintage

3. Monster Animal baby Hat by Oeuf NYC

4. Grey Leo Suit by Mar Mar Copenhagen

5. Embroidered Tulle Skirt by Zara

6. Brown Tiger Baby Hat and Tiger Knit Bloomers by Maed for Mini

7. Cashmere Sweater by Zara

8. Aurora Baby Bodysuit by Wolf & Rita

9. Corduroy Jumpsuit by Monbebe

10. Kitten Headband by Emile & Ida



kids halloween costumes


1. Spooky Witches Hat Hairclip by Meri Meri

2. Cat brooch by Des Petits Hauts

3. Moonlight Sweatshirt by Long Live the Queen

4. Diamond Silver Hooded Cape by Fable Heart

5. Black Cat Necklace by A Mini Penny

6. Tutu by Bob & Blossom

7. Velvet Dress by Marks & Spencer

8. Meow Mary Jane Shoes by BB

9. Wand by Numero 74



kids halloween costumes

1. Witch Tulle Skirt by Eunu

2. Red bracelet with gold cat by Obi Obi

3. Cat Ears and Tail by Meri Meri

4. Black Glitter Cat Mask by Obi Obi

5. Hair Ties by Millie Pink

6. Savannah Blouse in Ivory by Rylee & Cru

7. Stars Bluchers by Zara

8. Velvet Skirt in Grey by Tocoto Vintage

9. Brown Leopard Tights by Maed for Mini



kids halloween costumes

1. Black Hooded Jacket with Leather Sleeves by Molo

2. Spooky Bat Dress Up Kit by Meri Meri

3. Wolf Necklace by Love from Toby

4. Batman Costume by Numero 74

5. Glow in the Dark T-shirt by Boden

6. Dracula and Bat Temporary Tattoos by Meri Meri

7. Slogan T-shirt by Zara

8. Back and White Check Sweatpants by Bang Bang Copenhagen



kids halloween costumes

1. Pirate Hat and Beard by Sew Heart Felt

2. Pirate Costume by Numero 74

3. Pirate Eye Patch by Numero 74

4. Soft Play Sword by Pillowfight Warriors

5. Spooky Icons Temporary tattoos by Meri Meri

6. Pirate Case at The Mulberry Bush

7. Tin Telescope at Hawkins Bazaar

8. Sidney Brogue Black Boot by Young Soles


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