My Favourite Family Recipe Books

I love to cook. I have always found it a way of being able to relax along with the fact that I love to eat. Food is a joy which I was lucky enough to have instilled in me from a young age. My Father was a chef and we were always surrounded by people coming over from France as well as the UK to train with Dad. The house was always full and supper was a big affair with everyone sitting round to enjoy what was on offer. Even holidays were centred around food with memorable visits to France and day trips to restaurants Mum and Dad wanted to try. This has filtered down into my everyday life. I do try and cook everyday and I am a collector of recipe books. However there are a handful of family recipe books I go to time and again and I thought I would share a few family recipe books I enjoy using and which result in yummy food we can all eat, not just the kids.

The books I have chosen do not require tricky ingredients and I feel aren’t too complicated. They have family favourites along with new ideas.

Young Gums by Beth Bentley

family recipe books

This recipe book delivers flavoursome food which is great for introducing a little one to new tastes. I have found Hettie is very receptive to the food I make from this book. The boys are slower to come round but it is because some of the recipes are very new in style to what I would usually give them. Hettie is definitely getting more exposure to different recipes. Maybe it is because I am more confident with baby number three (!!) and also Harry is now growing out of some of his allergies making it easier to cook for the kids.

family recipe books

Hettie munching on The Young Gum’s Courgette and Cheese Mini Muffins

Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food by Lizzie King

family recipe books

I met Lizzie at a Sheer Luxe Parenting Day well over a year ago and as she was speaking I was ordering her book. A lot of the recipes are perfect for adults even if the kids aren’t quire ready to wolf them down…Sweet Miso Cod with Wilted Cabbage? Yum! Teddy is the more fussy eater in our family – pasta with a homemade leek and potato soup mixed in as a sauce is his food passion! However he does love a smoothie and Lizzie has some fab recipes in her book. A firm favourite with everyone is Lizzie’s Cumin Turkey and Sweet Potato Pie. Real comfort food which is healthy at the same time.

The Good Stuff by Lucinda Miller

family recipe books

This recipe book is a new one and already I have been making some of the recipes and plan to do more – the boys helped me make the Blueberry and Banana Muffins last week which were a real winner. ┬áThe Chicken and Thyme Meatballs are a good suppertime option for hungry kids along with Cheesy Spelt Noughts & Crosses as snacks with extra fibre (who doesn’t love a cheesy nibble!). What I absolutely love about this book is with each recipe Lucinda gives options for those who have to deal with allergies (even a few years ago I found it hard to find kid-friendly recipe books which dealt with allergies and as Harry has had a few, cooking was tricky – egg-free recipes were almost non-existent or they contained ALOT of sugar).

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