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Box Fairies

I put my hands up. Since having Hettie I have been drawn into a girly style for her. After having Harry and Teddy is has been rather lovely to have injections of floral prints, a bit of pink and some general prettiness added to our lives. The small company Box Fairies completely indulge in this wonderland of magic and sparkle with their range of adorable framed pictures which add a sprinkling of fairy dust to any girls bedroom.

box fairies

Hettie was sent and green and pink Box Fairy which was customised to be her very own Fairy Godmother. It sits perfectly in her nursery amongst the soft pinks and golds. There are plenty of other colours to choose from as well as styles and finishes.

box fairies

box fairies

The Box Fairy has been made with such care with the greatest attention to detail. They are more beautiful in real life than the pictures can portray but hopefully you can see how Hettie’s little Fairy Godmother has been lovingly finished to create a bespoke, one-off piece which will grace her room for many years to come.

Hettie was gifted the Box Fairy however all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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