New Years Resolutions | Investment Fashion with Mindful Shopping

Did you see the Stacey Dooley documentary on the fashion industry and the effect it has on the environment last year? Not only the production of garments but the whole “fast fashion” concept means huge quantities of cheap clothing is ending up in landfill. Now, I appreciate what one person can afford for an item of clothing is not what the next person can pay, but I think shopping for quality rather than quantity is a concept we should all try and buy into.

I have made a more conscious effort not to buy on a whim and really think about how I’ll wear a piece because, if I’m honest, the cheaper items I purchase are the ones I don’t get the wear from. Items I have saved and spent a bit more on tend to be the items I go back to again and again.

One piece it pays to invest in, and check the quality is with a coat. Obviously there are a plethora of styles out there but a simple, classic coat will see you in good stead from one Winter to the next…enter the Hush Anya coat…which is currently on sale, making it the perfect time to invest.

Investment fashion

The Hush Anya coat has, for me been a fabulous style to add to my wardrobe. It has a relaxed enough cut to make it an easy piece to wear daily whilst looking smart enough to elevate an outfit. It certainly beats pulling on my parka jacket!


The  Anya coat is available in red which always look wonderful this time of year but I know the chestnut/rust colour will go with most of my wardrobe effortlessly. Now when I am shopping for an item I want to know it will work with my wardrobe and be worn rather than tucked away, never being “quite right”. Above I have teamed it with the Hush cashmere shawl (in Brick – a beautiful dusky pink which is also on sale) which works so well with the coat. It’s also huge meaning it is not only perfect for wrapping up on Winter days but it will become a travel companion as a blanket on long journeys.

So when looking for a coat (or any item of clothing for that matter – see my previous Sale Edit here, where I’ve chosen pieces which will be timeless additions to your wardrobe) always check you can wear it a multiple of ways. This will ensure it becomes a loved part of your collection rather than an additional item of landfill in a year’s time.

The coat and wrap were gifted to me however all opinions and writing are my my own.

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