Grasp + Gather All Natural Percussion Pack

I was searching for some musical instruments for Hettie which wouldn’t be too annoying and all plastic…an almost impossible task I hear you say! However, I came across Grasp + Gather’s All Natural Percussion Pack and purchased it for Hettie’s Christmas stocking. It’s been such a joy to see her enjoyment playing with the set I thought I’d share it with you.

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Natural musical instruments
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I can honestly say, she loves this set and plays with it almost daily. Enclosed within a cotton drawstring bag are:

A Sappan seed shaker – hand tied in Thailand using dried sappan seeds

Bamboo rhythm sticks – 100% natural bamboo from sustainable sources, these sticks are the perfect size for little hands. Their hollow, lightweight nature not only produces a lovely sound but also means they do not hurt little fingers that get caught in the tapping process.

Hosho seed pod maracas – handmade shaker using seed pods from Zimbabwe

A Musical frog – handmade in Northern Thailand using sustainable jackfruit wood and the most adorable musical instrument you will ever come across. It really does sound like a little frog when you run the stick over it’s back.

Bell cups – natural dried woodapple fruits from India that clip-clop when tapped together or when used with a bamboo stick.

Seed musical toys
Grasp + Gather

Hettie really enjoys giving all the instruments a go and I love how they have all been sourced from natural materials…no plastic in sight, hurrah! Mission accomplished!

You can see Grasp + Gather’s All Natural Musical Instrument Pack here as well as their other gorgeous products for little hands.

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