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For a while now the boys have been fans of the History Heroes card games (as am I if I’m honest!). They can be played by kids and adults alike with the rules being adjusted to suit any age group. These cards have been created to educate as well as entertain as they are played. The History Heroes games come in a number of themes ranging from Kings and Queens to Explorers and from Children who have made their mark to Women in History and World Wars I and II, to name just a few. The newest additions being Space (Harry’s favourite) and London.

We started off with the Inventors Pack. I found it amazing that even four year old Teddy has retained facts and names from the packs (Teddy’s favourite being the inventor of the flushing toilet!!).

Kids card games
History Heroes

I am constantly popping a pack in my bag for when we are out and about so they can be whipped out for a game. There always seems to be a new fact to discover!

History Heroes Space Card Game
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Learn through play

The Space and London History Heroes games were designed in conjunction with the London Science Museum. They are all so well thought out with superb illustrations to keep little ones interested.

Childs London game
Games about London

With so many packs to explore, the kids will be history buffs before you know it!

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