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Now we are getting more than the odd day of lovely sunshine, I thought I’d share with you what I use to try and get my skin looking as ready as it will ever be when exposed to the bright light and warmer temperatures. I like my routine to be as easy as possible to fit in with the “fun times” of parenthood (if you call Hettie’s new found love of emptying drawers and the boys’ “need” to build their Lego on the stairs fun times!). Seriously, as realise we all need “quick fixes” and hopefully the products I’m going to share will help you with that.

Summer Skin

From Top Left to Right:

Exfoliating Mitt by Ameliorate – this can be used as a quick step in the shower when cleaning yourself. A couple of swipes over your skin and it’s soft and primed for absorbing moisturiser and applying fake tan.

The Dermaflannel by Bravura – this flannel is a little genius. It saves time as you can use it on your face and body. It doesn’t look like it but it gently exfoliates and leaves you skin supersoft and smooth. You simply dampen it and wipe it only once over your skin to get rid of any dry skin.

Aveeno Cream – I use this daily as it moisturises whilst being gentle on my overly sensitive skin. It comes with a handy pump making it so quick and easy to use in the mornings when I’m in a rush.

Really Good Vitamin E Oil by Fushi – I often add this oil to the Aveeno cream to make it really moisturising and I often use it on my face to really nourish it.

Self Tanning Drops by Oskia– now, when you see the price of these you will take a sharp intake of breath but I love them because you can add them to serum, moisturiser oran oil to create a tan which develops over about three hours. It means I can use them with my existing skincare routine without an extra stage. The formula also contains vitamins and antioxidants which nourish the skin whilst giving it a Summer glow.

Purity Bronzing Mousse by St Tropez – this is my go-to self tan product. So quick to apply (I use a mitt to stop the palms of my hands turning an alarming shade of brown!). Being clear means it doesn’t leave any strange colour on the bedsheets! Another good product is the Express Tan by St Tropez (available here). That one is tinted so you can see where you have applied and you can leave it on for 1-3 hours depending on how deep you want the tan and then shower so you can do it before bed.

Almond Shower Oil by L’Occitane – I know I’ve featured this recently in my new mum must-haves post (see here) but it is truly a wonder at keeping skin feeling soft when you just don’t have time to moisturise after a shower in the mornings. I love, love, love it!

Intensive Foot Cream by Eucerin – I’ve used this for years and it is amazing at making dry heels look sandal worthy. I apply after exfoliating my feet with a foot file before bed. It only takes a few goes to banish those dreaded ignored, Winter feet.

So there you have it…some of it may seem a faff but I promise you, I am all about easy, fuss-free skincare as time is precious and there is never enough of it, especially when it comes to spending time on yourself!h

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