Olli Ella Holdie Dolls House and Accessories

Holdie Folk

Now I have a confession, I have a bit of an obsession (too strong?…no, it is what it is) with Olli Ella and the wonderful products featured within the brands collection. The kids love lazing about on the Ketch Beni Rug and Hettie enjoys having her doll sleep in her Strolley dolls pram.

Holdie folk
Holdie House

However, one of Hettie’s absolute favourite games is to play with her Holdie Doll House which now, not only has furniture to fill it with but some adorable new Holdie Folk to reside in it and call it their home.

The Holdie World is a beautiful place for kids to explore the cosy world of the family home and create their own magical space. Hettie is always very busy “arranging” the furniture and making sure the little folk get their beauty sleep. The Holdie Folk are the perfect size for little hands and each one can be posed in different positions.

The house is made from FSC certified untreated birchwood whilst the people are all handmade to allow for complete individuality.

These toys are simply divine and have the charm to become treasured pieces you’ll want to keep for the next generation. You can see the Holdie World collection here at Olli Ella.

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