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Smart Infused Fud

Smart Infused Fud was started by two Mums, Hattie and Kerry who were trying to juggle work and family life along with all the chaos which comes with it. One of the founders, Hattie ran a catering company for elite clients and when her chefs weren’t busy preparing exquisite food for events, she asked them to batch cook some meals for her kids so she knew they would be getting good, wholesome food. Kerry, a Marketing Director who worked in the food industry thought it could be rolled out to provide meals for all families and so Smart Infused Fud was born.

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In order to make sure the meals prepared are as nutritionally balanced as possible Hattie and Kerry asked kid’s nutritionists Jo Saunders and Georgie Soskin to develop delicious meals for the Smart Infused Fud range. The result has been meals packed with vitamins and minerals which also provide tasty, easy alternatives to slogging away over a hot stove.

What I love about the concept of Smart Infused Fud is that you don’t feel guilty pulling a “ready meal” out of the freezer when everyone is hungry and a bit frazzled at the end of the day. Also, if you have kids who like different foods (I have my hand raised at this point – we are not that family whose kids will eat whatever is put in front of them!!!) then you can pop different meals in the oven to cater for all tastes.

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The kids have all tried the Smart Infused Fud range. Harry’s favourite has been the fish cakes which were full of good chunks of fish. Teddy enjoyed the sausage casserole and was good at trying the new recipes. I’ll be honest, not all were to his taste but he is very fussy – time will change this! Hettie meanwhile, wolfed down the Lentil Shepherds Pie and Chilli Con Carne with her mouth wide open ready for the next spoonful. I also had a try of all their meals and I have to say I am impressed with the flavours – no bland kids’ food to be spotted!

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Smart Infused Fud

To order some of the fabulous meals from Smart Infused Fud you simply go to their website (click here), choose some meals and the day you want them delivered and you’re done. The meals get shipped using environmentally friendly packaging (even down to the biodegradable wool used to insulate and keep the food cold). You then keep then in the freezer until you want them – they state a 35 minute cooking time but I found they took about 45 minutes after a stir but that’s probably because I was cooking more than one for my gang!

If you fancy trying some of the Smart Infused Fud range simply go to their website (here) and use the code SMARTFOLLOWERS for a rather wonderful 50% off your order – how fabulous is that! Maybe stock up for the Summer holidays to come so you can all spend more time (hopefully) outdoors in the sunshine rather than worrying about supper.

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