Skincare and Beauty | My Most Used Holiday Products

So we’ve been away and arrived back from our Summer holiday to mountains of laundry, a bit of blustery weather but with memories made and fun had by all. The week flew by and I thought I’d share the skincare and beauty products I used the continuously and found the most helpful to make the holiday even easier and to make sure my skin didn’t get too upset with the sun, salt water and overindulgence which went hand in hand with our break.

Straw basket by Stanley & Maud – just a cute, good sized basket to carry bits and pieces.

Ouai Aftersun Mousse – OMG, I LOVED this! It went on cold to cool the skin and was sooooo moisturising…much more so than any other aftersun I’ve tried.

La Roche Posay SPF50 Face Mist – I have been using this for a couple of years. It’s an ultra-fine mist which is great for topping up your face SPF on the go.

Eucerin SPF50 Body Spray – another great rapid application SPF. It feels cool when it goes on and was great for applying in-between entertaining Hettie.

Schmindt’s Natural Deodorant – available in a few different scents, I found this natural deodorant actually worked! Definitely one I’ll be using from now on as it’s free from nasties and cruelty free.

Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush – this is a great toothbrush to take away when travelling. I never feel my teeth are clean if I use a manual toothbrush now. It also has the benefit of being charged via a USB rather than having to constantly change batteries.

Wet Brush Pro Hairbrush – the bristles of this brush are so soft I’m not entirely sure how it deals with all our knotted hair after a day by the pool and on the beach, but it does!

We Are Wild Solid Clean Cleanser – this is the ultimate travel cleanser. A solid which turns into an oil when applied to the skin. Once wet, the oil emulsifies and foams to ensure really clean skin without drying it out.

Foreo Luna Play – a great little beauty tool. I use the big version at home and this mini version is great, especially when I used it with the above cleanser. NB – in the video I stated it can’t be re-charged – the new version can be recharged!

Trinny London BFF Cream – I had to include this! See my previous review here for gushing words about one of my favourite beauty products.

Slip Silk mini scrunchies – I am addicted to these silk hairbands. They don’t pull, never give me a headache and don’t leaves lots of kinks in my hair.

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