Summer Skin | Must Have SPF’s

With this week being the scorcher it was I thought I would share my favourite SPF creams for the face and body. I always wear an SPF on my face no matter on the time of year but now is the time to make extra sure you’re covered.

SPF skincare

From top left to right:

BFF Cream by Trinny London – one of my favourite products beyond it’s SPF coverage (you can read my review here) but if you want a face SPF 30 which gives your skin a bit of a glow and helps blur blemishes without breaking you out in spots, this is the cream for you. It will become your new best friend.

Mineral Sunscreen Glow by Soleil Toujours – I put this on when I’m heading outdoors but don’t want to be bothered with makeup or if I’m off to the gym. It has a lovely feel to it – not sticky in the slightest and a lovely golden glow which is subtle enough to make you look just a bit better than before.

Botanical SPF50 Tinted Face Lotion by Australian Gold – I wear this under makeup on really hot days. I feel the tint is there to take the white cast off the lotion and is not like the BFF Cream (for example). However, for an SPF50 for your face which won’t give you spots, this is fab.

Anthelios SPF 50 Face Spray by La Roche-Posay – I like to carry this in my bag as you can spray it over make-up. The mist is so fine you can hardly feel it but it does go on. There is also a body version of this available here.

SPF15 with Tan Accelerator by Green People – this is a great body SPF for days when it is less hot or for using on legs. It really does help to produce an even tan. You can read a review I did of this product here.

Adaptasun Strong Sun Spray by Institut Esthederm – I am not entirely sure how this works but all I know is that I have never burnt when using this product. It’s more pricey than most but works brilliantly.

Mineral SPF50 by Heliocare – I used this last year for ski and sun holidays and it was a real winner. No breakouts, good coverage and a slight illuminating glow.

Eco-Luxe SPF50 Sunscreen with Guava Mango by Coola – I have used this but have heard good things about this delicious-smelling SPF spray. Using organic extracts to help keep the skin soft and smooth.

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