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september beads

I will be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram….the overly stylised posts leave me feeling a bit cold but I LOVE the way it can introduce you to new, independent brands. September Beads is just such a brand.

September Beads was founded by Joelle and Ava who are a Mum and daughter duo. Simply through posting some bracelets they made on to their personal Instagram accounts, they were suddenly inundated by requests to make them for friends and followers…and September Beads was born!

personalised jewellery
personalised bracelet

Each bracelet is truly unique. You have a choice to pick and mix the beads and finishes along with the option or having names which are close to your heart or special words included. The designs are beachy and slightly boho evoking endless Summers and relaxed living.

September beads personalised bracelet

The bracelets are strung onto elastic making them easy to put on…Hettie loves that she can snaffle them away from me and put them on herself! However the clever little touch of having soft suede plaited and tied adds an element of well thought out design to finish the piece off. This, along with the shell and evil eye beads elevate these bracelets to a casual chic I have completely fallen for.)

To place an order you head on over to the September Beads website here and select the colours and finishing touches you would like. Be warned, you are spoilt for choice…however the ladies are on hand to give some helpful design advice (as I discovered after a DM I sent was quickly replied to!). There is also design inspiration on the September Beads instagram feed (see here).

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