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I am sure all of us, tucked away in our wardrobes, have a favourite jumper which holds a memory. Mine is a deep burgundy cashmere jumper which was my Dad’s. I was given it when I was 16 and have continued to wear it ever since. It was the same for the founder, Rachel of Navygrey. A much-loved navy jumper of her Mum’s was the inspiration which had lead to the launch of Navygrey.

The Navygrey brand started earlier this year and due to it’s ethos of sustainability produces high quality, limited designs which will stand the test of time and slot seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. The limited palette ensures they will “go with anything” which means they will serve you well rather than be one season wonders.

To make sure Navygrey can keep to its promise to be able to trace the journey of its jumpers (and the long-awaited cardigan!) from “sheep to shop”, they have been meticulous in making sure every part of the process is kind to the animals and environment. You can read about the incredible lengths Rachel has gone to here to ensure best practice in her company.

Sustainable fashion

There is The Funnel – great for layering and providing a bit of extra warmth in the cooler months.

The Relaxed is the perfect Sunday jumper. It’s like a super soft hug in a jumper!

Navygrey knitwear

The Neat is perfect for wearing under dungarees or tucked into a skirt for a more streamlined look.

The recently launch Cardigan (available to purchase on a pre-order for release in a couple of weeks), is a perfect “throw over and go” piece. Just the right cut to be relaxed without swamping you. Layer over a camisole and jeans for a laid back, stylish look.

sustainable knitwear

Last, but not least, the Raglan is a lighter-weight knit for warmer days (which we may still get!).

I truly love this brand and I feel that the shift in attitudes towards “throwaway fashion” means companies like this will hopefully thrive. I promise you, once you have tried a Navygrey jumper, you will be spoilt and want to keep going back!

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