Trinny London Sheer Shimmer Review

Trinny London review

With the festive season here and some Christmas cheer in the air, Trinny London launches its Sheer Shimmer range. The product is designed to create glow which feels lit from within.

There are four shades in the Trinny London collection. From a shimmering berry red in Emily to a soft, milky, pearlescent pink in Dido.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

I have three of the shades in the Sheer Shimmer range (although the fourth will probably be in my collection very soon!). They are, as the product name suggests a wash of colour with an iridescent glow.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

The above shade is Dido. This subtle pink has a warm shimmer to it.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

This above shade is Afric, again swatched on my hand. A blend of bronze and gold to warm the skin.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

The final shade I have is called Emily. A perfect gentle russet red to add a healthy glow.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

These are the shades swatched in natural light. From top is Emily, Afric and then Dido.

When I first applied the Sheer Shimmer I wasn’t sure how the texture would feel. I thought it may be a bit sticky but I shouldn’t have worried. The texture feels moisturising (the product contains beeswax and castor oil) and not at all goopy.

Sheer Shimmer review

Above is a photo of me wearing “Dido” over Lip2Cheek “Lady J”. It creates a soft, neutral look.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

In the above photo I have layered “Emily” over the Lip2Cheek shade “Freddie” (both products on the lips and cheeks!) by patting rather than rubbing or blending the product. I have found layering the Sheer Shimmers over a colour the best way to wear them although they are lovely as lip glosses also. i have done a quick video showing the shade “Afric“” which I adore. It looks great over Lip2Cheek “VeeBee” with my skin tone (I have written a review on two Lip2Cheek shades “Lady J” and “Veebeehere – great neutral shades which go with everything).

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer review

I have to say, I love the glossy finish the Sheer Shimmers leave on my skin (the photo above is with Afric on lips and cheeks). It helps make me look much more healthy and awake than I feel!!

Due to the nature of the formula it is not the most long wearing product but as it can be so easily popped into a bag or pocket, application throughout the day is a doddle!

These little wonders are glowy skin in a pot. I have fallen for them more than I thought I would. Not only are they perfect for the party season but they will perk up skin in the New Year and add a sun kissed sheen come the warmer months. You can fin the Sheer Shimmer range here. Plus, if you’re looking for a gift for a make-up junkie, a Lip2Cheek paired with a Sheer Shimmer would be a lovely present to receive!

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