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One of my most worn pieces of jewellery is a necklace I was given by my Godmother at my Christening. It’s a gold lion symbolising my Leo star sign. Loyal? Ticks. Optimistic? Tick…Maybe a little bit proud…ummm, maybe a little tick…Anyway, with the New Year in full swing and Chinese New Year at the weekend it got me looking at gifts and treats which reflect the glory of the stars above us.

Silver Zodiac Necklace by KookyTwo – this necklace is a subtle way to add a personalised ouch to any outfit.

Birth “Moon Phase” Ink Bloom Painting by Lovely Ink Prints – I had one of these done for Hettie in a dark blue and gold. They are beautiful and one of a kind.

Night Sky Pot by STALF x Dottir Pots – who wouldn’t love this in their home? Such a gorgeous design.

Trinket Dishes by The Painted Press – these cute little dishes will make any bedside table or dressing table that bit prettier.

Hand Embroidered Star Constellation by Pop Goes Lolly – a perfect new baby gift to adorn a nursery wall or have a cluster of them with all the family star signs.

Zodiac Bracelet by Jane Akester Designs – the bracelet can be worn as part of a stack but will look equally as good worn alone.

Seeing Stars Book by Stellar Andromeda – find out all you need to know about your star sign.

Leather Zodiac Keyring by The Tiny Gift Company – perfect (if like me) you are always losing your keys at the bottom of your bag.

Camille Cashmere Scarf by Hush – this scarf will be a permanent fixture around your neck over here cold months to add some cosiness…think of it like a lovely hug.

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