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CBD oil is still a bit of a mystery to many who I speak to about it. Recently made available to help with a variety of common ailments, CBD provides the benefits from using cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant without the mind-altering effects of marijuana.

I started using CBD oil last September in order to help switch off and fall to sleep more easily. Like most people, my brain decides to start over thinking at precisely the time my body wants to nod off.

The first bottle I purchased was of good quality (I feel it is essential to check as there may be some out there overly diluted or not processed and still include THC – the main psychoactive cannabinoid) but it tasted really bitter. However, it worked and I finished the bottle (it lasted about 3 months, not using every night but applying about 10 drops at a time under the tongue – it was 500mg in strength) and just before I re-purchased I came across Grass & Co at The Spirit of Christmas Fair.

The Grass & Co peeps were well informed and asked if I wanted to try some of their oil. As I was “in the market” to purchase I gave them a go…and purchased there and then.

I bought the “Calm” 1000mg CBD oil. The Grass & Co oils are “flavoured” and the “Calm” oil contains mint and camomile which leaves a soothing pleasant taste in the mouth (the “Ease” blend was equally as lovely tasting but as I take the oil at night I thought the Calm might be a better option). I take 5 drops at night under he tongue and hold it there for about 90 seconds.

Obviously I cannot guarantee he effects but for me, the CBD oil does help me switch off and fall asleep. I would say, if you are looking for a way to relax, release anxiety and have a peaceful night, it is well worth looking into CBD oil and I have to say, Grass & Co are fair on price point for the quality and they taste lovely.

If you think Grass & Co might be for you, when you sign up you can get 20% off your first order…when I next need a bottle I thin I may try some of the other products too (the balm will be perfect to take skiing for aching muscles)!

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