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Now, a belt may be appear be an unassuming accessory simply there to keep your trousers up but it can actually enhance your outfit. Adding a belt can make a look come together and “finish” it.

reversible belt

When I spied the Baukjen reversible belt I thought it was a genius idea. As most of us know, Hermes have belts which can be reversed but as you can imagine, the price varies wildly to that of the Baukjen offering. Plus, the Baukjen design is so simple to use. I was also (pleasantly) surprised to find that the belt was made of leather (I did not expect that for the price) and know it will wear better with age and last the test time.

The Baukjen belt comes in a black and light tan colour way with gold buckle. this will make it wearable with practically everything in your wardrobe. To switch colours you simply gently pull the buckle to release it slightly and turn it to flip it over (you can see how easy it is in Baukjen’s demonstration here).

To demonstrate how a belt can really add and fit an outfit I thought I’d take some before” and after” photos. I feel it really does make a difference!

Styling with the black side

I love a relaxed fit jumper but to make it a bit dressier I simply wear a statement shirt and add he belt with the jumper slightly tucked in.

UK style blog

Styling with the light tan side

This colour will be great in the Summer with pale denim For now, I have dressed it with dark blue denim and a navy knit to add contrast whilst defining my waist.

UK fashion blogger
UK style blogger

I feel the Baukjen reversible belt is a great addition to enhance existing outfits. You can find the belt on the Baukjen site here.

*I was gifted the belt by Baukjen but all images, opinions and writings are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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