Staying at Home | Free Activities for Kids

I thought I would put together some FREE activities which are on offer to kids at this strange time. Hopefully they’ll provide some fun and keep everyone well physically as well as mentally.

PE with The Body Coach – Monday to Friday at 9am, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks is streaming a live PE session for kids. It started on Monday and my kids have been joining in. I have also been having a go and it does leave you a bit breathless! Good fun to do as a family.

Free Activities for kids

Nature Activities – for seven days, if you go to the Magic Cat Publishing website you will find different activities inspired by nature and their new book “slow down”. They are beautiful and charming as well as ticking a science box in home schooling.

Free Printable Colouring Pack by Eleanor Bowmer – Eleanor Bowmer is know for her cool graphic illustrations and to help wind away our time at home she has produced a cute free colouring pack to download.

free kids activities

Rain and Rainbow Board Game by Mr Printables – Mr Printables do some great activity downloads and this game is a twist on snakes and ladders. Get the kids to make it first as an arts and crafts project!

free kids activities

Constellation Luminary Craft by Red Ted Art – another great resource for art and craft ideas, Red Ted Art has produced this luminary box showing the major star constellations which your little ones can make to have in their room. They have also including some other charming constellation themed crafts within the link.

free activities for kids

Lego Challenges by The Stem Laboratory – I’ve printed these cards off and the boys can choose one at random each day and then complete the challenge.

kids activities for free

Play Prompts by Play Hooray – these sheets range from activities aimed at Reception to Year 6 and help think of ways to entertain the kids which think outside of the box. I particularly like the “make a museum about me” idea.

free activities for kids

Scavenger Hunt via Olli Ella – there is a scavenger hunt option for both indoors and outdoors to get the kids working together…or racing against each other to see who collects everything first!

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