Stay At Home Make-up…for when FaceTime is sprung upon you!

stay at home makeup

I thought I’d do a little video of me rambling whilst doing my day-to-day makeup. What’s the point of makeup? Well, there are a few reasons I’m doing it…1. It’s a moment to myself (!!) 2. I find I don’t touch my face as much if I have some makeup on and 3. FaceTime!! People are FaceTiming more and no one wants to be confronted my a frazzled mum of three without makeup on

Anyway, my makeup routine is pretty low key and quick to do so if you fancy a look-see the video and I’ll link the products below.

Heliocare Gel Oil Free Colour Beige SPF50 – this product not only protects against harmful rays from the sun but also the damage done by light coming off screens like phones and TV’s, helping to prevent pigmentation and wrinkles.

Trinny London BFF Eye in Reda – you can see a review of the product here. It is basically amazing eye care ingredients with a concealer to hide shadows caused by nightmares involving online shopping (that really happened…what has become of me??).

Trinny London Lip2Cheek in Lady J – I have also done a review of this here. An easy go-to nude colour.

Trinny London Bronzer – I have the darker colour which looks quite frightening but it does blend.

Trinny London Eye2Eye in Wisdom – I’m not often putting on eye shadow but just for you guys…this colour is a sheeny putty colour which works for everyday without having to think about it.

Trinny London Face Finish – I love this product and have one in my bathroom cabinet and one in my handbag…for when we are allowed out again!

Jouer Lip Enhancer – I have put up a review on this as well – see here. It’s an all time favourite product I re-purchase again and again…and like Face Finish I have a couple so it’s always to hand.

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