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Baukjen face masks

In the past week there has been news filtering through that the use of face masks may indeed help protect against the COVID-19 virus. Although not foolproof, together with social distancing it can assist in stopping the spread of the virus which may be contained within the smallest droplets of saliva we emit even when speaking (I know, horrible to think right?). More can be read about this here. Obviously the best way is, if possible to stay home but we may need to go out to buy food, collect some medicine or help others. This is where wearing a face mask may become the new norm. In fact, going to the pharmacy a couple of days ago I noticed an increase in people wearing face masks and I live in a town in rural Berkshire, not a large city.

If you are thinking of a face mask, Baukjen may be a good place to start…I have placed my order. Baukjen have teamed up with one of their manufacturers in Portugal to produce non-surgical, personal use face masks. Each mask is made from off-cuts of cotton used in the production of clothing and then treated with an antibacterial coating which is good for up to ten washes.

Baukjen face masks
Baukjen face masks

The Baukjen face masks come in packs of 5 (four adult and one child) or packs of 100 (80 adult, 20 child). For every pack of 5 sold, they will send you an extra 5 to donate to anyone you feel may be in need of them; from your postman, to a neighbour, to your village shop owner. If a pack of 100 is purchased, Baukjen will donate 100 masks to volunteers who are in need of them. More details about this can be found here.

I know, this may seem a little surreal but I for one will be wearing my Baukjen face mask. Anything to try and help the NHS and save lives is worth a go.

You can find the Baukjen face masks here.

This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to spread the word of what I thought was a brilliant campaign.

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