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homemade teachers gift

So, just as some of the kids head back into school, the Summer break is just around the corner. My two boys went back last week and have loved seeing their friends and teachers. It has given them a real boost and I have picked up two very happy, tired boys at the end of the day.

With the end of term in sight my thoughts have turned to what to give the teachers to say a HUGE thank you for helping our little ones. They have not only helped them to navigate the academic year but the last few months where there have been high emotions (from us all!), and a slight surreal ness to it all.

I had a real think and the boys love using air dry clay and so I thought herb markers would be a sweet idea, which I will team with some hand cream and a scented candle.

These markers make a lovely present for grandparents as well as teachers (in fact, Harry made some for my Dad for Father’s Day) and it will keep little hands occupied for the morning!

So, without any more waffle from me, here’s how we made them.

homemade teachers gift
homemade teachers gift
handmade teachers gift
handmade teachers gift

What You Need

  • Air Dry Clay (we use this one here)
  • Stamps (we used ones similar to these here which I had from making Christmas labels). In fact, we use them for cards, labels, wrapping paper and all kinds of crafts.
  • Paint (we used these acrylic paints here, slightly watered down)
  • Spray varnish (we used this one here)


  1. Roll out the clay. We did it in small sections as otherwise it was too hard for the kids to roll all at once, making about 2-3 markers at a time.
  2. Stamp out the name of the herb you want on the marker. We did Sage, Rosemary, Chives, Parsley and Thyme.
  3. Then the kids carefully cut out the marker shapes with a pointy end to stick in the soil. I really love the fact that they are not all uniform and a bit wibbly!
  4. We let them dry on a cake rack for a day or two and then the kids used the acrylic paint, which we watered down only slightly to paint them.
  5. Once the paint was dry I did the varnish spraying step as the kids are too young to do this.
  6. Finally we tied them in a bundle with twine ready to give to their teachers.
Homemade teacher gift

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