Christmas Gift Guide 2020 | Boys

I am hoping this post will give you some ideas beyond the usual “boys” presents and help you discover some brands you may not have thought of before.

Boys Christmas Gift Guide

From Top Left to Right:

Spaceship by Brikkon – this wooden spaceship can be custom designed using Lego bricks to create a one of a kind model.

Build Your Own Pinball Game by Cardboard Constructions – a cool version of a craft activity based present. This kit becomes a retro inspired pinball game when put together.

Kick Off! A Football Activity Book by Joe Gamble – this book uses quirky illustrations and ideas to deliver fun facts about football as well as fun activities to make and do.

The Ed Stafford Shelter Kit by The Den Kit Co – get the kids outdoors with this wonderful kit which gives them everything they need to create their very own hideaway.

Light Racer Kit by Tech Will Save Us – a fab STEM activity which will end up being something the kids can go on and actually want to use to customise their bike. Both Harry and Teddy enjoyed making this kit over lockdown and the interactive instructions which can be viewed online really helped keep them interested.

Dino Dump by Big Potato Games – this has been a HUGE hit in our house…but beware, the loser has to wear a particularly nasty smelling sticker at the end of the game…

Trading Card Kit by Kid Made Modern – my boys take themselves off and sit together making trading cards so this set will be right up their street.

Skulk: A Lost Shadows Puzzle Adventure by Robin Etherington – this is part comic, part story, part puzzle, part activity book…something to keep the kids guessing and to keep them engaged.

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