Christmas Gift Guide 2020 | Teens

Finding gifts that are cool enough to pass teen scrutiny can be a tricky game. Teens definitely know what they like but the odd surprise will still bring a smile to their face.

teen Christmas gift guide

From Top Left to Right:

Mi Square Pocket Speaker by Going-ko – these mini speakers are perfect for making sure you can listen to music and podcasts wherever you go. Encased in walnut or bamboo they look fab.

Bobble Hat by St Berts Clothing – retro and ready for the slopes.

Red Football Print Hoodie by Five Boys Clothing – hoods up, earphones in and chill. If football isn’t their sport, there’s a cricket option or a rugby print rugby shirt.

Sailcloth Bag by Oarsum – tough and hardwearing for being chucked about in car boots and floors.

Rainbow Ear Cuff by TLM Edit – a way to express themselves with a little bit of sparkle.

Travel Bamboo Toothbrush at Three Boys Rock – a environmentally friendly option for when they are off on their sleepovers.

Wireless Earbuds by Skinny-dip – these neat earbuds come in a rechargeable case to make sure they are never without them.

Goat Yoga at Three Boys Rock – who WOULDN’T want to play this? Trying to master yoga moves whilst figuring out how to balance an inflatable goat? Christmas Day laughs sorted!

Chocolate Fondu Set by Hotel Chocolat – when they have their mates over this with goat yoga can keep them entertained.

Cashmere Wrist Warmers by TLM Edit – a fun print and a little bit of luxe.

Watermelon Tanning Kit by St Tropez – teach older teens that faking it is better than baking your skin in the sun with this bight set.

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