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handmade Christmas gift

I have to say, this term the boys’ teachers have been absolute stars. They have made school a fun and safe place to be and made sure the kids have enjoyed time with their friends. As the end of term draws near, I wanted Harry and Teddy to make something to give to their teachers to show them their thanks. Now, I love a bit of air dry clay (you can find it here) and thought we could use it to create a gift. Once opened and made into whatever you want to create, it will dry in about 2 days ready to be painted and decorated.

I thought soap dishes might be a lovely gift with some beautiful soap and hand lotion (much needed after the constant hand washing over the past months!). They are simple to make, the boys enjoyed the process and they will hopefully bring smiles to their teacher’s faces.

Handmade Christmas gift

The method is simple….

  1. Roll out the air dry clay and cut out ovals or whatever shape you want the dish to be. (We used any left over clay to cut out some Christmas tree ornaments).
  2. Using a straw, create holes in the centre for any water from the soap to drain away.
  3. Imprint some decoration (we used some stamps we had but they could be drawn on using a knife…or left plain!
  4. I then placed the dishes over an upturned plate to make them dry into a curved shape and left them for 2 days.
  5. The kids then painted the dishes using watered down acrylic paints.
  6. Once the paints were dry I sprayed the dishes with some clear varnish and left to dry.
  7. Finally, we put together the soap dishes with the soap and hand lotion and made some labels.

These make great gifts for grandparents as well as teachers (Harry and Teddy Grandmothers may have one each wrapped up under the tree!).

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